WOIN Order of Precedence


Hi everyone - Just wondering what resources take precedence when things clash? I've found a few odd ball cases where different resources say different things - Between the woinrpg website, O.L.D., and N.E.W.

The most recent examples are the website says that a small, medium, and large weapon have 1, 2, or 3 customization slots vs. O.L.D. saying 2, 3, 5. N.E.W. v1.2 doesn't seem to have an entry for how many base customization slots there are. (pg. 121, under Customizing Gear has a note to see page 111, but that page is just the beginning of the Armor entries)

And for Assassin, the website says that Death Blow upgrades the damage from Surprise Attack to +4d6, whereas O.L.D. says it's +3d6.

Is the website the most up to date, or the least? Likewise is N.E.W. v1.2 any *more* up to date than O.L.D. v1.1 + Errata?



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v1.2 is more up to date than v1.1, yep.

The website is probably a bit behind the v1.2 books. Lower priority!
Well, it would make sense if old had fewer upgrades than NOW, and new should have more than NOW.

I think treat website as the most up to date.


Well, that was fun
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This would be the order of preference:

1. Any v1.2 book
2. Any v1.1. book + errata
3. WRRD*

*This is something I intend to change this year, so that the WRRD remains constantly up to date with the latest rules.