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[Don't think there has been a thread like this before, but if so then just let me know and direct me there if possible...thanks!]

Just curious to hear the 'origin' of the names users have on the EN World boards...

Obviously if you use your actual name then that's self-explanatory, but if not then please respond...


BTW, my user name originally came from a Champions character that I used to play where the GM developed characters for us based on our personalities, skills, etc. He deemed me 'LiVeWiRe' because he swore I had electricity coursing through my veins making me so energetic!

I've shared that story with others and they agree...the name fits!

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That's Latin for "cool"
LiVeWiRe said:
Just curious to hear the 'origin' of the names users have on the EN World boards...

I was once like other men....

But one fateful day I was bitten by a radioactive game designer. At first, I used my powers for personal gain. But when my Uncle Ben was killed after reading a copy of Synnibarr -- an action I could have prevented -- I realized that his words were true: with great power comes with great responsibility. I have since dedicated my life to fighting the forces of evil! I am a CR/ECL computational godsend! I am Biggus Geekus!!!


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The Apok is an O.C.C (Occupational Character Class) from the Rifts RPG. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with that guy from the first Matrix movie. ;)


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after some hellacious penalties for trying to bank arrows off of stone walls, my 3rd level elven (Monte)ranger slew three ogres while the party tank held them at bay...just kinda stuck after that....

besides, all my other names are derived from a period in my life i would rather soon put behind me...


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Craig Thomas Dalrymple

or (if you are a Windows user) shorthand for

Crash To Desktop

I'm a tech and my name is Craig, so it fits me well enough either way. :)

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