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[Don't think there has been a thread like this before, but if so then just let me know and direct me there if possible...thanks!]

Just curious to hear the 'origin' of the names users have on the EN World boards...

Obviously if you use your actual name then that's self-explanatory, but if not then please respond...


BTW, my user name originally came from a Champions character that I used to play where the GM developed characters for us based on our personalities, skills, etc. He deemed me 'LiVeWiRe' because he swore I had electricity coursing through my veins making me so energetic!

I've shared that story with others and they agree...the name fits!

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That's Latin for "cool"
LiVeWiRe said:
Just curious to hear the 'origin' of the names users have on the EN World boards...

I was once like other men....

But one fateful day I was bitten by a radioactive game designer. At first, I used my powers for personal gain. But when my Uncle Ben was killed after reading a copy of Synnibarr -- an action I could have prevented -- I realized that his words were true: with great power comes with great responsibility. I have since dedicated my life to fighting the forces of evil! I am a CR/ECL computational godsend! I am Biggus Geekus!!!


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The Apok is an O.C.C (Occupational Character Class) from the Rifts RPG. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with that guy from the first Matrix movie. ;)


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after some hellacious penalties for trying to bank arrows off of stone walls, my 3rd level elven (Monte)ranger slew three ogres while the party tank held them at bay...just kinda stuck after that....

besides, all my other names are derived from a period in my life i would rather soon put behind me...


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Craig Thomas Dalrymple

or (if you are a Windows user) shorthand for

Crash To Desktop

I'm a tech and my name is Craig, so it fits me well enough either way. :)


Long ago, back in the days when the computer game Baldur's Gate came out, I named my first character Giralian NiTessine, borrowing the name of an elven noble family featured in Elaine Cunningham's Forgotten Realms novel Elfshadow. Then, a while later, I started going to Interplay's BG board, the Backroom, using the name NiTessine. It stuck.


Skade is a character from my Einherar campaign, named for the norse goddess Skadi (really a frost giant). In the campaign she was a snowly skinned woman who owed her loyalty to the character's jarl. The reasons for this were left a mystery, as she was not of the kindred, and seemed to revel in the outcast place she held among the tribe. It later came to light that she was the daughter of a Frost Giant, who would eventually become their greatest adversary) and a cruel druid of a primal, haunted wood, called Thangodrun. Her harsh upbringing, and her unusual heritage made her intersting to play. Her frosty demeanor, and cruel streak were a departure for me, and I belive she was one of my players favorite NPCs.


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My name hails from my outdoor LARP days of yesteryear: I played a really interesting Necromancer, it was really cold outside, and we were playing in brambly woods. Winter + thorns... The rest is history I suppose... :D


Hand of Vecna

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I really am the Hand of Vecna!

(( okay, okay, at the time I signed up here, I was playing Radknooz, First & Only Kobold Cleric of Vecna. He was convinced he'd be Vecna's "right hand man" eventually ))

Isida Kep'Tukari

I used to be Isida Kep'Tukari, the name of my first 3e character, but due to very strange and frustrating login problems, I deemed it to be less stressful to just register a new login name.

I was playing in a EN World In Character Call of Cthulhu game at the time, and my character's name was Ray Silver. Hence the name. :)


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Chun-tzu comes from Confucianism, so anyone familiar with the term would know that I have an interest in Chinese philosophy. Plus, it's obscure enough that I can use it for email addresses and the like without having to throw numbers or decimals into it.


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My complicated name is based on an aboriginal tribe located in mid-australia that believed in worshiping the god of stick-figures...

or more literally, I wanted to take two "soft" sounding words and cram them together into one easiliy recognizable name. I've been using it since 1992 when I first gained internet access. You can always recognize my name and instantly know that nobody is imitating my name. There are a million "Sniper!" names in any competitive online video game. By being named "Creamsteak" I keep my titles and streeks alive!

Sometimes I get called creamstreak... which shows the direction certain' people's thoughts travel ever so quickly, but in all light I am literally a steak that's been through a blender.


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I was reading a book on obscure words when I came across "demiurge". It means "creator of worlds", so I grabbed it, figuring that it would be an appropriate alias for a DM. The "1138" is from THX-1138, Star Wars, and any other movie from the increasingly fractured mind of George Lucas.


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...and long before the day
Was old, the joy which waked like Heaven's glance
The sleepers in the oblivious valley, died,
And some grew weary of the ghastly dance
And fell, as I have fallen by the wayside,
Those soonest from whose forms most shadows past
And least of strength & beauty did abide.

-Shelley, "The Triumph of Life"

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