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Kershek is a name I made up some time ago because I was tired of Kurgan being taken when I signed up for things. I had used Kurgan on IRC for a good 8 years so I guess it was time for a change.

And yes, I made up the name before that ape "Kerchak" was shown in the Tarzan movie.

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The first campaign world I was working on, years ago, ended up being named Terraism - in theory, it was Latin for "False Earth." Having since taken Latin, I tend to hang my head in shame every time I think about its genesis... however, when I was trying to come up with an e-mail address, almost as long ago, that came to mind, and I've been using it ever since. It's unique enough I don't see it elsewhere, either. :)

The only unfortunate part is that I all too often get asked if it means "terrorism," when I'm giving out the address to someone I only know passingly well... :rolleyes:


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The first couple of times I played Perfect Dark on the N64, I kept getting creamed. The game allows you to create a custom name, so I changed it to Victim since I kept losing.


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Laocorn Godamus is the main villain in fatal fury the movie. He is a power mad man with a cursed bloodline who is destined to wear the armor of mars, god of war, and be consumed by it.


So, during the summer I work at an overnight camp in waaay northern Wisconsin. On a night off, four or five summers ago, some friends of mine went into this crappy little store called the "5 and 10 Toyland." To promote mischief, we were looking for dartguns--the kind that shoot those suction cup darts. Lo and behold, I found a beautiful dart shotgun made of yellow and orange plastic. It was called "The Enforcer." A friend bought the same gun in different colors, except that one was "The Protector." Anyways, I've been using Enforcer for a while now, though since its so cool, most other places I'm Enforcer5981. 5/9/81 is my birthday.

Yes, I'm aware that there's a Jet Li movie of the same name. I do own it, but it's not the source of my handle.

Ridley's Cohort

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I hope this is obvious to everyone...

I think my name is of no importance.

I think my greatest accomplishment is standing around as set dressing while Ridley the Dimpled One saves the world single-handedly as recreated in Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie.

He is even more charming in real life. I can tell you are all envious of my role in history.

There is hope. One of his cohorts (Snails) bought the farm recently and Ridley is looking for a good man to take his place...


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I picked my screen name because it is short and easy to remember. Most places I'm Oni or Oni 7 (as Oni is occasionally taken by someone else). I like it because of the vagueness of what an oni is. Everything from goblins to gods of storm and thunder, monsters to guardians. I've thought about changing it from time to time because of some people initial reactions (my brother once told my grandmother I called myself the devil online *thwack*). But it is convenient and a fair number of people know me by it, and I've got a sig picture for it now and everything.


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If I remember correctly, Plato's Demiurge formed the world, but the meaning of Demiurge that seems more common (maybe I just come across it more often) is from Gnosticism (Manichaeism too), which held that the creation of the material world was actually an evil act meant to keep souls from the pleroma. The Demiurge was an evil figure for these early Christians... much like George Lucas is an evil figure for us :rolleyes:


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In the old Eye of the Beholder series of computer games, one of the pre-generated characters had the name of Wolfspirit, which I thought was rather cool, and started to use it on buletein boards and such. (Hey, I think I was 12 at the time)

Now, of course, I think that I've obsorbed Wolfspirit into my persona, since I wear pretty much only Wolf shirts, and have a real fascination for wolves which I really didn't have prior to playing Wolfspirit :b

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