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OSR: Only 42 Magic Items. What Should They Be?


Guide of Modos
As I'm rounding out my equipment tables for my OSR game, I thought of both D&D 3 and Skyrim. In both games, magic items were expected and commonplace, and at times - generic. So I might try putting a cap on the number of magic items in my game in order to make each one special. Of course, they will be listed only in the Gaol Master's Guide (GMG), and after a certain number of PC levels, the GM will be encouraged to hand out one per quest (more or less).

What are the unique items that should be in every OSR game? This is a Question thread, so please upvote your favorites!

  • "Unique" refers to the game's setting as in: there's only one Quondam's Helm to be found. And you'd better hope your head isn't too big to wear it.
  • It's entirely likely that these items were created and claimed before the PCs were ever born. Some might be lost, but some must be pried from cold, dead hands.
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Oh, shoot. I totally missed the idea of them being "Unique" magic items for an OSR game. That'd be much much more interesting. Rings and potions, even wands, enchanted weapons and armor, and some staves can be dimes for the dozens.

For "interesting and unique" items to include in a game world...OSR game world/setting, though? ... hmmm. This oughta be fun...
Awesome post!

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