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Our Physical Fitness

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Down to 107kg goal is 95 which was my weight circa 1997.

Not trying to hard woukd rather gradually lose the weight than crash diet and put it all back on again.

Been slack since Christmas but didn't gain any either.

Teaching nephew the river changes each year so look for new swimming spots.


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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
I'm up over 190lbs now, the heaviest I've been in my life. Which would feel GOOD if I was still lifting heavy. :ROFLMAO:

I still haven't been able to re-establish the regular three times a week habit since I stopped during the move in December. I've had some irregular workouts the past couple of months and did manage a full three circuit session on the 26th and a partial on the 28th. Hoping to get back on track starting tomorrow. I'm not as strong as I was when I left off, but I'm milking the lower weights and the eccentrics and ranges of motion to get good burn and pumps, so it feels good when I do get in.

It's also my intent this year to finally get cardio added on to my regular schedule, but intent is nothing. Actually showing up and doing it is what I need now.


So dining out. Fast food is generally off the menu. We split an Indian curry every two weeks or so. Haven't had pizza for around 6 months. Weekly dinner is now once a month or so.

Last burger I had about 3-4 weeks ago.

We do go out for breakfast though once a week.

Rare treat first time this year iirc.

Wife's breakfast rest of the week she's very strict exercises a lot.


Last week's dine out.

Today's. Flat white coffee trim milk no suger its around 70 calories. Ones we make at home (smaller portions size, pod coffee) are 35-50 approx.

I'm not that much of a fan of cooked breakfasts anyway. Waiter often gives me the bacon and eggs one while I've ordered the cereal.

Nice 6km walk to get said breakfast as well. Things to do may as will kill multiple birds with one stone.

So bad food down to about once a month really bad good is off the menu and moderately bad food is once a week plus exercise it off.


Damn 2 hour walk turned into closer to 4 hours. Wasn't walking for all of it though.

On the plus side I want to do a 6 hour hike.

So walked up here.

Get to the top and there's more.

Make it up that and it's 30 minutes to home. Including bottom part around 3 hours with an hour of distractions.

Looking at urban walks with winter incoming tge surrounding hill walks are not the best idea.

We're about 130 metres up.

At 500 metres up

One of my favorite spots. The ridge line loops something like 28 kilometers up to around 1000 metres and it's a 20km hike to get to the loop.

Done parts of it but gets quite rugged.
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Front Range Warlock
Unfortunately, since suffering a massive heart attack in 2021, my ability to exercise has been limited. I walk a few blocks a day with my dog and have changed my eating habits considerably.



Suburban walk with Flagstaff in the back ground. Another month or two of ok weather.

Technically a mountain but a small one. Large hill for me. Band of native bush then forest then tussock on top.

Said forest.

Up the top. Views are nice.


Ten minute drive to hike up to the top. Weather permitting plan on Sunday.

Weather iffy we will go to beach.

Lagoon nearby with bushwalk.

Lose weight walk up mountain.


Plan was to go for big walk. Weather gas been atrocious. City rail line is cut up north, west cost had sonething like my cities annual rainfall in 2-3 days.

Anyway still went out.

Not to bad down low bit wet.

Further up started getting a bit slippery. Looking up hill.


Creek levels.


So came back after going around half way. Up on the hills it's probably somewhere between miserable and"your an idiot". Can't see them through the clouds.

Rain, rain more rain. Not to bad atm.

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