Out of the Abyss Trinkets


A friend of mine said I should post this somewhere. I've lurked on enworld for awhile. So I figured I'd share this. Assuming this is the right place to share.

d100 Trinkets.
1: A hand sized mechanical spider made of silver that attempts to bite anyone slumbering next to it.
2: A stalactite portion the size of a fist that still drips fetid oily water once an hour.
3: A stalagmite portion that whispers it's aspirations to be a stalactite hanging high above all to those who hold it.
4: An unknown metal, formed as a slave collar with cruel spikes affixed to the inside.
5: A small statue of an illathid made of bone that unnerves those of high intelligence that look it in the eyes.
6: The jawbone of some creature. All its teeth are pointed, anyone holding the jawbone feels as if they are starving. There is also a slight flavor of rotten meat within their mouth.
7: A small statue of Lolth, made of onyx. Males that hold this statue feel inferior to their female counterparts. Females that hold it feel Superior to their male counterparts.
8: The skeletal hand with six fingers and a thumb. Has a slight scent of brimstone attached to it.
9: A broken spear head, made of bone. There is an unknown script engraved upon the surface.
10: The preserved tentacles of some creature in a jar. There are 6 connected around what appears to be a mouth?
11: A small vial filled with a sentient grey ooze. it's very depressed.
12: A shrunken head of an unknown humanoid, looks happy.
13: A ring of black metal that poisons anyone who wears it.(DM decides how the poison effects the wearer)
14: A small mechanical Drider. When set on the ground, it will go to the darkest part in a room.
15: A shriveled mushroom that smells of grave soil.
16: The scalp of a disobedient slave. Those who hold it feel the urge to rebel.
17: A small iron statue of a duergar, wielding an axe with a cold-angry expression.
18: A small coin pouch filled with ashes, those who touch the ashes think of having children, or if they already have children, feel a dread that their kids will soon die due to fate.
19: The fossilized heart of an unknown creature. Those who hold it hear a slow, but steady beat within their head.
20: A small glass jar, filled with some sort of jelly? There is an unknown script wrote atop the cork lid.
21: A large vial of brackish, foul smelling liquid.
22: The large, curved and jagged horn of an unknown beast.
23: The blade of a serrated cleaver, lacks a handle.
24: A crown of unknown metal, that gives those who own it a terrible feeling of being controlled.
25: A black oily feather, smells of burning.
26: A large square piece of iron with a hole in the center and dwarven text engraved on the surface.
27: A glass decanter filled with a black oily liquid, when rubbed upon someone they feel aroused.
28: A glass sphere filled with a black substance.
29: The mummified corpse of a child of unknown race.
30: A fist sized ball of on unknown material, when dropped it doesn't bounce.
31: A talking mouse in a cage, late at night when it thinks no one is watching it cries silently.
32: A bone chess, a Rook.
33: An obsidian coin of unknown origin.
34: A piece of stone that belonged to a road leading to a lost city from the beginning of time.
35: A ring made of glass that cannot be broken.
36: A bone mask with foul smelling herbs burning in the nostrils, the herbs will not extinguish.
37: A tiny metal box with a arm mechanism that, when turned. Produces tiny blades. Those in possession have the urge to draw blood, their own or others.
38: An imp frozen in place by unknown means, he looks sad.
39: A book who's pages show in detail how drow and demons couple to create Draegloth, in graphic detail.
40: A violin, it's string make no sound, or perhaps it doesn't make sound you can hear.
41: A pair of white gloves that leave red, messy hand prints on anything they touch.
42: A chunk of highest point in the underdark, it's infused with faerzress.
43: A giant purple scale, of what you do not know.
44: A black stone that beats like a heart, and seeps red fluid when pricked.
45: The diary of a slave.
46: A white candle, when lit the candle turns black and doesn't produce any light.
47: A set of baby shoes, covered in blood.
48: A piece of hook horror egg shell.
49: A red bag of dried leeches. It weighs nothing.
50: A fossilized giant spider egg.
51: A deformed humanoid skull.
52: A flute made of unknown material.
53: A shard of glass, when looking through it, everything is in ruins. As if a great disaster has been brought about.
54: A jar with some strange meat within. It's labeled with the words '' Fresh bat entrails '' In under common.
55: A crystal ball, when you look at it, you are shown a battle between 2 trolls typically, yet every once in a great while a place of great importance to you.
56: A small black stone statue of a devil, it's grinning.
57: A piece of parchment with Infernal script.
58: The headpiece of a Lolth high priestess.
59: A small hand scythe, a strange force burns the hand of whoever holds it.
60: A set of dowsing sticks, they lie.
61: A map of a cave system, or perhaps tunnel system from another realm.
62: A cloth of black color with a single golden eye upon its surface.
63: A cloth with a black short sword and a shroud upon its surface.
64: A black mask.
65: A carving of a small spider eating a larger one, done in white marble.
66: The hands of a witch dried out and bound together.
67: Bag of Rat teeth.
68: Jar of Baby Teeth.
69: A black book, with a blacker sigil on the front, the pages are empty.
70: The toe of a hatchling black dragon.
71: A red bag of dried leeches. It weighs nothing.
72: A clear crystal shaped like a heart
73: A small kuo-toa carved out of drift wood.
74: A glowing stone.
75: A tusk from some unknown creature.
76: The left wing of a creature.
77: A glass jar filled with black powder.
78: An arrow head with unknown script upon it.
79: A large feather that smells of brimstone.
80: A piece of parchment rolled up, within no writing, but a handful of hair.
81: A shard of ice that never melts.
82: A ball of copper string.
83: A small taxidermied imp, smoking a pipe.
84: A book detailing Quaggoth mating rituals in undercommon.
85: The head of a porcelain doll
86: A set of Silver nails.
87: 1ft of black silk.
88: 2 coins from an unknown land.
89: A tentacle made of metal.
90: A mushroom that glows in the dark.
91: A dried flower with black petals.
92: A rusted set of sheers.
93: A copper plated orc skull.
94: A black rope tied in knots.
95: A golden puzzle box with both infernal and abyssal inscriptions engraved upon the surface.
96: A Silver sphere the size of a child's fist. It has spikes sticking out of it.
97: A severed humanoid foot, it doesn't bleed but moves as if it's being tickled if touched.
98: A headless doll?
99: A horned and fanged adamantine skull, looks human.
100: A white shroud, gives an unsettling feeling when one is near or in possession of it.
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101. Small chunk of flowstone, inexpertly carved, might be a failed attempt to craft a piece of jewelry.
(Flowstone is the stuff stalactites and stalagmites are made of: eroded grains of some other rock, placed wherever they happen to be when the water evaporates.)