D&D 5E Pact of the talisman warlock

So my pal is talking about second characters for our group…and having us be able to interchange them adventure to adventure.

My obsession with warlocks knows not end. I have several blade pact warlocks and lots of short lived ones.

I have had fiend, celestial and hexblade patrons…

I had a hare brained idea to try—-genie patron and talisman pact. I was looking at weird synergies though role playing wise want to go with a lawful good wiseman.

Has anyone played a pact of the talisman ? How was it?

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The Pact of the Talisman is a whole lot less proactive in expanding your abilities than either the Tome or the Chain and expands your capabilities a whole lot less. Even rebuke of the talisman is pretty meh as the enemy needs to have already hit you, defanging booming blade/push combinations.

But there is one style of play in which the Pact of the Talisman is awesome. And that's in a game where you have complicated in-party interactions and where deciding who to lend your talisman to is important to you. (Also better that foes hit your allies than you, and triggering the rebuke adds up the damage if you've given it to the barbarian...)

It's a worthy addition to the lineup partly because it's not the most interesting choice. (It IMO beats blade hollow however).

Oh man I have had fun with blade!

I have a dwarf with a demon in the form of his axe (he talks to it and people think he is insane!) and had a celestial pact with a level of cleric. He followed a fallen angel trying to redeem himself while rehabilitating the character—-a taciturn mercenary contemplating being a do golfer!

Eldritch smite on crits is a thrill! Two attacks and a smite is good use of a round!

Regardless, I am OK experimenting a bit with something less. Tome just looks so dang good…hard to go with talisman. But I am feeling adventurous

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