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[Paid] [Online] [Fate Accelerated Edition] [Foundry VTT] [25$] ✨Magical Miracle Maidens!✨

System: Fate Accelerated Edition

Slots: 5 (3 players minimum)

VTT: Foundry VTT on Forge, communication via Discord. Mic required, video optional

Schedule: January 19th to 22nd at various times; signup page shows the schedule in your local timezone

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours, with a 5- to 10-minute break roughly at the halfway point

Payment: $25 per player per session via startplaying.games.

Signup Link

About The Game​

In Magical Miracle Maidens, you get to play a mighty hero of light, protecting the world from the villainous Empire of Evil—but don't forget to go to your afterschool club! And you've got midterms coming up, too...

Using the Fate system, you will:

✨Create your own middle- or high-school girl as well as her magical girl alter-ego!
✨Fight evil (but ultimately kinda goofy) monsters and save the day!
✨Play in a setting inspired by all your favorite magical girl anime like Sailor Moon, Precure, or Nanoha!

Just be sure to keep your identity a secret, which means no slacking off in school and drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Pre-made characters are provided, or you can meet with me early to make your own!

How to prepare​

A microphone is necessary, a webcam if optional. Reading the rules ahead of time is a plus, but I'll be perfectly willing to help people learn during the course of play. You will need to make an account at The Forge and also have a Discord account to join the server I'll run the game through. The link to the server will be provided on booking. Other than that, nothing is required accept for a good attitude.


If you're interested in playing, or have any questions before expressing interest, send me a DM or reply to this thread, or message me on StartPlaying.

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