Paizo News: Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors coming to PC

Paizo is once again partnering with BKOM Studios to bring Pathfinder to life.

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Are you ready to take on Gallowspire? If so, you're in luck because BKOM Studios and Paizo are bringing it to PC later this year as a roguelite bullet hell survivor game.

The wards holding the lich-emperor, Tar-Baphon are beginning to fail and it is up to you to battle your way into Gallowspire's depths to defeat him. The only thing standing in your way are endless hordes of undead and fiends. Not that one victory will be enough to keep Tar-Baphon locked away for all time, you will need to defeat him many times to forestall his return.

Battle through Gallowspire as one of three heroes: Fighter, Wizard, or Rogue. Each class has their own powers, talents, and playstyles. A second hero can fight alongside you as a companion character. As you run the gauntlet of the four sections of Gallowspire, you'll be able to obtain the essences of your defeated enemies to upgrade your powers and gain experience to level your hero. Customize your hero with talent points and treasures. Complete quests and battle Tar-Baphon!

And once it feels easy, challenge yourself to a higher tier of difficulty, allowing the quest to be endless.

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors is now available to Wishlist on Steam. Keep up to date with all the information by liking Gallowspire Survivors on Facebook, following BKOM Studios on Twitter, joining the official Discord server, and visiting BKOM’s official website.
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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton


I wonder how would be a videogame based in a famous TTRPG but in other genre, as a building-city simulation, farming, survival, or shop keeper..... or a "mon" collector/monster tamer or summoner.
There was the Fantasy Empires D&D video game in the 90's based in Mystara where it was a strategy empire building wargame (can either simulate the battles, or control individual units in battle, which was kinda clunky but fun for some of us). Also that Dragonshard game based in Eberron in the mid 2000s that was a Real Time Strategy game.

I don't believe either did particularly well however.

Looking at the Bkom Kickstarter for Pathfinder Abomination Vaults has 14 days to go and needs 50k to hit the 307K goal. It should make it as the last week kicks in.

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