Paizo Paizo Price Increases and Sustainability Efforts

Prices are going up in 2024 for Pathfinder and Starfinder products.

Paizo announced a new pricing structure for their entire product line. The changes will go into effect for PDF products (Bounties, Quests, and Scenarios) effective October 25, 2023, and will apply to all PDF products. No other PDF prices will be changed. The new MSRP changes go into effect in April 2024 for all print products.


The first printing of the new Pathfinder core rulebooks – Player Core, GM Core, Monster Core, and Player Core 2 – will maintain the current $59.99 MSRP for at least the first printing as “We feel these books are essential first purchases for Pathfinder players and want to hold the line on price increases as long as possible to reduce the barrier of entry for new players.”

The new pricing structure:
  • Bounties/Quests1 from $4.99 to $5.99
  • Scenarios2 from $5.99/$7.99 to $8.99
  • Special Interactive Scenarios from $14.99 to $19.99
  • Flip-Mats from $16.99 to $19.99
  • Flip-Mat Multi-Pack from $24.99 to $29.99
  • 96-page Adventure Paths from $26.99 to $29.99
  • Pocket Editions will range from $24.99-$29.99 to $26.99-$34.99 (varies by page count)
  • Hardcover Prices will vary by page count:
    • 128 Page: $44.99
    • 192 Page: $59.99
    • 256 Page: $69.99
    • 304 Page with map: $79.99
    • Special Edition covers add $20 to the retail price
1: Bounties and Quests are short, stand-alone digital adventures designed for 2-hour sessions

2: Scenarios are Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society adventures previously priced based on play tier with higher-level adventures costing more. The prices will now be the same regardless of the level of the adventure.


Paizo also updated its current environmental and sustainability actions. The company already printed using soy-based ink that requires less ink per page with no toxic chemicals. Paizo is changing to FSC-Certified paper coming from ecologically sourced forests that prohibit deforestation and require protection of old-growth forests and biodiversity as well as protections for the rights of Indigenous peoples. Changes have also been made to shipping from the Paizo warehouse by changing shipping product partners and moving from foam packing materials to starch and cardboard. Full details are available on the Paizo Blog.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


I did a quick Google search on "how to install the Google Play store on a Fire tablet" to get recent directions, and this was one of the results. I can't verify it, since it's different than when I did so years ago. Honestly, I'd suggest doing the same search yourself. I looked at a couple of sites and they had similar procedures.

As an aside, it's also possible to "side load" apps, which is to say directly install them from an apk file, but I don't suggest that, since there's no way to easily update them if you do this. And Adobe has frequent security updates that you want to install.

Hopefully that will work out for you.
Thanks. I started looking into it after I posted and its looks like a bit of a pain but probably worth it.

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The process for unlocking the ability to side-load on a Kindle is a lot more intimidating than the actual process is. And since yours is brand new, don't worry about messing it up because you can always factory reset and start over.

I play on Foundry, so we already had the "where did Flat Footed go?" moment until I remembered the change. I keep my Foundry updated so when everything drops, I'll have the new rules. I find that it will be interesting that the adventure I'm running (Abomination Vaults) have a ton of Drow in them, which are gone after the remaster. I suspect that content will just stick around unchanged. I think it will require some adjustment from the spellcasting players, so that will be interesting.
It's worth mentioning the recently released PF2e module version 5.8.3 for Foundry is the last release before they implement the Player Core and GM Core material according the changelog, so if your group isn't sold on moving forward you might want to grab this update and then hold off on any further updates. It does sound like there might be a legacy module released at some point, so you might be good there if so.

@SteveC and anyone else this might impact: RedRazors (Pathbuilder developer) posted an update on Patreon saying he’s hoping to implement the remaster changes tomorrow, so if you use the Android app it might be a good idea to not update if you’re not planning to go the remaster route. He did say the plan is to publish a legacy app version at some point for people that don’t want to use the remaster material. Not sure of a time frame on that.

I’m not sure how well stuff like the Foundry module Pathmuncher importer tool or the browser based Pathbuilder will work until the legacy version is made available.

He posted another update shortly after what I posted above. It sounds like there was some grumbling about him making a 2nd app, so he's exploring how he can combine the 2 into 1 app.

And this is why I give him a few bucks every month on patreon.

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