Paizo Update: City Outside Time; Cradle of Night; Faiths of Golarion; Penumbra Protocol

Hello my fellow Paizo fans and welcome to the latest-breaking edition of your Paizo news! A number of fun things were scheduled for the golem’s December schedule, including a fair amount of fun for Pathfinder 1E, so let’s get into the details!

The Return of the Runelords Adventure Path is still going strong, building up to a fond farewell to Pathfinder 1E. In the latest volume of the Adventure Path, ever-more powerful heroes are faced with ever-more dire challenges – face now the dread of every editor trying to maintain a cohesive storyline: TIME SHENANIGANS! The Runelord Alaznist has meddled with the past with potentially devastating repercussions for the present and the future, even altering the memories and texts of the heroes themselves! It’s up to the heroes to venture into a city cut from the fabric of time to find the keys to correct what was wronged. Can your characters survive the realm of a shadowy guardian god? Can they correct the course of history and save Golarion as they knew it? CAN YOU RESIST SAYING WIBBLY-WOBBLY TIMEY-WIMEY?! Find out in The City Outside of Time!

In even more 1E adventure news, it looks as though a new Deluxe Adventure is due to release in early December. An evil cult in the subterranean city of Lyrudrada seeks an ancient artifact once used to craft an entire race of beings. Peril strikes the moment your heroes answer the call for aid, however, as they are afflicted with a terrible curse called the stain of shadow! Can your characters endure the plotting and scheming and bloodstained alleys of Lyrudrada? Can you prevail against the ancient masters of an entire shadowy race? CAN YOU CONVINCE YOUR GM TO LET YOU HAVE A GHOST HORSEY? All these and more to discover in Cradle of the Night!

Well, that’s enough radio announcer voice for at least one paragraph. Let’s check out the latest Campaign Setting book coming for Golarion! What’s nice in my mind about setting books in this stage is that, unless they have some great upheaval planned at the start of 2E, a lot of this material will be relevant even as the edition changes out. With that said: Faiths of Golarion! A nice little supplement coming out in early December that plumbs the depths of faith surrounding 10 of the most influential deities of Golarion (at least the ones that haven’t already been done to death in earlier books!). We’ve got three deities from Tian Xia, four from beyond the Inner Sea, and even some space to spend on gods specific to nonhuman worshippers. Of course, like any good splatbook there’s a fair amount of character options to peruse, namely little toys to pick up for devout characters.

Now, into the future (and with more radio announcer voice)! The far future, that is: onto the latest chapter of the Starfinder Signal of Screams Adventure Path! It seems your characters weren’t as successful as they could have been when last we left them, as they’re still infected with a virus that twists them physically and mentally! A search for the cure leads to the discovery of a sinister plot to infect an entire city! Can you weather the attention of corporate assassins to shut down the terrible signal? Will you manage to steal a shiny new corporate attack vessel? Can you find enough red energy swords and breathing masks for your descent into the Darkside?! Find out in the Penubra Protocol!

That about does it for this edition of your Paizo news, folks! Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive!

This article was contributed by Ben Reece (LongGoneWriter) as part of EN World's Columnist (ENWC) program. We are always on the lookout for freelance columnists! If you have a pitch, please contact us!

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Ben Reece

Ben Reece


Can you find enough red energy swords and breathing masks for your descent into the Darkside?!

Ben Reece -- you, sir, I like the cut of your jib. :D Excellent runthrough, much appreciated.

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