Paladin/rogue multiclass.


So I got railroaded into multiclassing 3 lvls of rogue or monk. I chose rogue and the other 7 lvls in paladin. I was thinking oath of redemption but was wondering what would be a good complement to that as a rogue archetype.


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My advice: Come up with the story and then see what mechanics fit the story.

Any combination of D&D classes works. While some are stronger than others, all are playable. I promise that you'll have more fun playing a character that supports a great story than you will an optimized character that is just random mechanics shoved together.

Yes, you can assemble mechanics and then patch a story around them. That is somthing we see in Hollywood all the time - a few ideas shoved together and a story written around them to tie those random elements together. Do those movies often work well?

D&D is an RPG. A role playing game. Characters lay a role in a story. If you put the story first, you'll rarely go wrong.


Swashbuckler/Oath of Heroism with Inspiring Leader and Mighty Deed can cruise around the battlefield racking up piles of temporary hit points all day long. Bonus points for having Expertise AND Advantage on Athletic checks.

Mastermind/Oath of Ancients if you want to stand around and make everyone awesome, then rock Expertise in a few social skills outside of combat.

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Assuming Oath of Redemption:

I would look at Mastermind or Scout for your Roguish Archetype. For the former: Mimicking speech could be flavorful in avoiding conflict and the Help bonus action allows you to outsource attacks to your allies. For the latter, Skirmisher helps keep you out of trouble and Survivalist adds some nice exploration pillar benefit.

Thief or Arcane Trickster also could work. Thief 3rd level benefits are not offensive and the spells you pick for Arcane Trickster could be primarily utility and/or social pillar focused.
Scout is pretty meh until 13th level, when it becomes awesome. If the game isn't going to go that far I'd pick a different archetype.


It's not "Rouge"... That's makeup.
I'd say Swashbuckler or Mastermind are your best bets for Rogue dip.

Swashbuckler gets you +CHA to Initiative, some extra mobility if needed due to the free Disengage, and most importantly the ability to trigger your own Sneak Attacks. This is the better option for boosting your own combat ability, especially if you're the only melee fighter in the party and you don't have another way to reliably get Advantage.

Mastermind gets you the ability to Help as a Bonus Action from 30 feet away. Especially great if you have another party member who's also a Rogue, or who has Elven Accuracy, but handy for just about any party anyway. Plus most Paladin's don't have many other reliable uses for their Bonus Actions, so you could Help nearly every round. This is the better option for boosting your party's combat ability as a whole, especially if you have another way to get Advantage or you have another melee fighter in the party who can team up on enemies with you.

(Arcane Trickster is a distant third choice, and gets you some cantrips, a few additional 1st level spells, and an extra level equivalent of spell slots for Smiting or upcasting. But your INT will likely be low-to-middling, so you'll basically be relegated to utility spells.)

As for Paladin Oath, I agree that Vengeance is a good choice (especially if you choose something other than Swashbuckler and need a way to generate Advantage). Primarily because Oath of Emnity lets you use your Channel Divinity to get Advantage against one enemy for guaranteed Sneak Attacks against them for the remainder of that combat, and later Haste as an Oath spell lets you Sneak Attack on both your turn as well as on an enemy's turn with a readied action for double the fun. This is the better option for boosting your own combat ability.

Another good option is Oath of the Ancients, which also has a way to use Channel Divinity to generate Advantage for Sneak Attack. It's not as reliable as Vengeance since it allows a saving throw, but it also grants that Advantage to all your allies, not just yourself. And you also get Ensnaring Strike as an Oath spell, which like your Channel Divinity lets you Restrain enemies for party Advantage. And its 7th level ability is significantly more useful for you and your party than Vengeance's. This is is the better option to help out your party in general.
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Assassin/Vengeance is also great.

You can be wood elf.

Make the 4/6 level split if you can and grab Elven accuracy and Wood elf magic.

with Hide as bonus action, expertise in stealth, wood elfs ability to hide in more places and pass without trace, you could sneak your way past almost everything. Stealth at +22
So I got railroaded into multiclassing 3 lvls of rogue or monk. I chose rogue and the other 7 lvls in paladin. I was thinking oath of redemption but was wondering what would be a good complement to that as a rogue archetype.
I'd be leaning toward swashbuckler rogue + conquest paladin. I'd focus on charisma over dex or str. I'd take expertise in intimidation and also in deception or persuasion.

Race I would choose tiefling as it's most fitting IMO. (if you can pick some of the variant tieflings you can get one that fits this paladin perfectly).

Basic combo is attack + wrathful smite. Enemy is now afraid of you, can't move and takes extra damage every turn.

Later you get the fear spell which is a great crowd control spell.


Ok. A little more info on the characters. We have a lvl 10 tabaxi rogue (I think thief archetype), who will probably be using ranged attacks to preserve his hit points.

a lvl 10 monk of the long death, (don't remember the race) probably using fists or a quarterstaff.

The backstory is a rogue/monk adopted the PC's and raised them as rogues or monks up to lvl 3 minimum and then the "family" went their separate ways (perusing/furthering their archetype). My PC felt a heavy guilt for his crimes, and soon found the head priest of the church of Lathander. He took my PC in and raised him in the church. When he came of age he became a paladin and furthered his skills and took the oath of redemption and stands as a poster child of the power of Lathander and his mercy.

As for race I was thinking about abusing the changlings +3 cha option and splitting my points between Str, dex, and con.