Paladins in AL: Unusual Gods (SPOILERS BELOW FOR SEASON 4)

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Wouldn't a Lawful Evil priest or champion at least try to be convincing about spreading the message rather than ridiculing, mocking or taunting people and thus turning them against the person.

I would have to think the better tactic for the Paladin would be to explain that suffering in the world makes the survivors stronger, thus one should accept and endure the hardships because whatever doesn't kill one only forges their soul to be stronger in the next world.

Someone died a particularly brutal death? Well, that's all for the better as they will be reborn stronger in the next life....

Or something akin to this. But as easy as it is to resort to violence within the D&D mechanical system, I seriously doubt that common townfolk would be at all quick to resort to trying to use violence against a clearly trained warrior and champion of some sort of god. They aren't going to throw their lives away just because someone is being a jerk. They are likely to curse and sneer or otherwise avoid the jerk if not verbally lash back unless cowed with threats of violence... but, for the most part I would think this Paladin and his companions would simply not be helpful towards the Paladin or his allies unless he found a more convincing and sugary way to make his case.

The thing is in town, the Paladin barely spoke. It was really in the wilds away from 'civilisation' when I noticed the cruelty etc. The reason I push the non cvombat encounters where I can is I want ...more from local gaming table populace than they are currently willing to give.


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I ran a Priestess of Loviatar all the way through PotA, along with a number of modules in season 2 and the Tier 3 season 3 (she is currently 15th level: Fighter (Dueling, Battlemaster) 9, Warlock (Fiend, Tome) 5 (refluffed as divine powers with Loviatar as the 'fiend'), Cleric (Life) 1, Background: Acolyte of Loviatar). She is LE and a Zhentarim (currently rank 4). When the SCAG rebuild was authorized, I played around with converting her Paladin, but decided it didn't have the same feel.

Aneka is more into the BDSM aspect of Loviatar, which was awesome to RP in an area of Faerun where she was slowly beginning to be recognized. It led to some circumstances where she was simply refused entry to places - like Summit Hall when the party stopped there - but she also gathered a loyal group of 'followers' in various locations by being able to prey on the weaker minded NPCs via a combination of flirting and rejection techniques.

But, she's also a priestess - and there isn't much in the way of direct religious warfare in the Realms because the gods are so close by - so she wasn't particularly antagonistic to other clerics in the party (though there were some lively debates). With her present, the party usually relies on Intimidation to get information, rather than Persuasion (though she can be charming when it suits her). Her major issue is particularly with people that are experiencing pleasure without downsides (idle rich, people who prey on the weak for their own benefit without risk to themselves, etc.)

She was rarely cruel without purpose, and there wasn't much in the way of compassion. For example, the group ended up based out of the Bargewright Inn in PotA (and Aneka was the third vote in running the place), and when refugees started to pile up from the activities of the Elemental Cults, she had them change the prices - she didn't gouge the refugees - she merely raised the prices for people who weren't refugees, so the refugees were getting a 'discount'.

But that character doesn't work in Ravenloft - the people are too beaten down and hopeless. So I think the person is right to play up other aspects of the diety.

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