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Sale [Palladium] Christmas in July Sale - Physical Books and minis on now !


n conjunction with the big DriveThru Christmas in July sale we are offering an array of books and miniatures for your gaming enjoyment. And since it is Christmas in July we went all out for you on this one. The Rifts® 30th Anniversary hardcover, RUE hardcover and softcover, Rifts® World Books, Rifts® sourcebooks, the many hardcover editions of ALL our core RPGs, the Rifts® miniatures, and more are on SALE at PalladiumBooks.com – and did you see the steep discounts on the Rifts® miniatures? From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas in July. Treat yourself, get birthday and anniversary gifts, try new game settings, replace old books, get product to start a new campaign, and have a blast gaming!

https://palladium-store.com/1001/catego ... Items.html

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