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Start out the Halloween season right with the Palladium Horror Sale. Hardcover and softcover RPGs for Dead Reign® RPG (zombies) and all DR sourcebooks, Beyond the Supernatural RPG, Boxed Nightmares, Splicers® RPG, I Am Legion, and Wormwood are all on sale for one week only. See details below.

Dead Reign® RPG (Zombie Apocalypse) Hardcover – Everything you need to start playing including zombies and survivors done Palladium style. There’s not another zombie game like it on the market. Which is why you will love it. A great introductory RPG – 224 pages – Cat. No. 230HC – On sale.
Dead Reign® RPG (Zombie Apocalypse) Softcover – Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Find out with Dead Reign®. A great intro RPG for new players – 224 pages – Cat. No. 230 – On sale.
ALL Dead Reign® sourcebooks:
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 1: Civilization Gone™ – More zombies, madmen, danger, bad people, and encounter tables to expand the world – Cat. No. 231 – On sale.
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 2: Dark Places™ – New avenues of survival, monstrous zombies, adventure ideas and more encounter tables – Cat. No. 232 – On sale.
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 3: Endless Dead™ – 10 new types of zombies, the US military, travel the railways or sewers, random encounter tables, and more – Cat. No. 233 – on sale.
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 4: Fear the Reaper™ (heroic) – It focuses on the Road Reapers, their Code, and details about the iconic heroes – Cat. No. 234 – On sale.
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 5: Graveyard Earth™ – World overview, travel, encounter tables, 100+ adventure ideas around the world, and more – Cat. No. 235 – On sale.
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 6: Hell Followed™ – Rules for playing 23 disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.), 11 bizarre zombies, 7 survivor O.C.C.s, Masked Lunatics, and more – 160 pages – Cat. No. 236 – On sale.
- Dead Reign® Sourcebook 7: In the Face of Death™ – Rethinking the Zombie Apocalypse, city survival, life on rooftops, kid player characters, death cults, 101 adventure ideas, and more – 160 pages – Cat. No. 237 – On sale.
Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 2nd Edition Hardcover – A plausible modern horror setting unlike any other. One that makes sense and will challenge your role-playing skills. 14 Psychic Character Classes. 42 occupations for “ordinary” people, 100+ psychic abilities, psychic characters, ordinary people, the Lazlo Agency, and more. All of these unlikely heroes stand against supernatural evil encroaching into our world of disbelievers. Are you ready to join the battle? 256 pages – Cat. No. 700HC – On sale.
Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 2nd Ed. Softcover – 14 Psychic Character Classes, 42 occupations for “ordinary” people, 100+ psychic abilities, monsters, and more – 256 pages – Cat. No. 700 – On sale. Get it in advance of the Creature Feature sourcebook coming in November.
  • Boxed Nightmares™ BTS Sourcebook. 96 page adventure sourcebook created for Beyond the Supernatural, 1st Edition rules but is easily adaptable to BTS-2 and even Nightbane®. It includes six BTS adventures, Jack the Ripper, Tasmanian Devils, monsters, source material and adventure ideas – Cat. No. 701 – On sale.
  • Oh, and though it’s not on sale, the Compendium of Modern Weapons is a great resource for ALL our horror titles.
Splicers® RPG “Bonus” Edition Hardcover – Think Guyver meets the Terminator with elements of horror. The Splicers® RPG plus 50 pages of extra material gathered from The Rifter® – 280 pages – Cat. No. 200HC – On sale.
Splicers® RPG Softcover – A dire setting where metal and technology are deadly to humans. Their alternative? Living weapons and power armor, and genetically engineered war mounts to battle the insane A.I. known as Nexus and her nightmarish legions of robots – 224 pages – Cat. No. 200 – On sale.
- Splicers® I Am Legion™ Adventure Sourcebook – Jam-packed with 19 new Bio-Weapons, 15 new Machine enemies, 7 new Bio-Enhancements, 4 new Host Armors, 6 Great Houses, 6 War Mounts, plus Factory Walker, monsters, a sweeping six part adventure, and more – 256 pages – Cat. No. 201 – On sale.
Rifts® Dimension Book One™: Wormwood™ – A mysterious living planet controlled by the Unholy and their demonic and monstrous legions. 37 unique Wormwood spells, 50 symbiotic organisms, Magical Blood Stones and crystals, 16 Dark Minions, 20 monsters, 8 player O.C.C.s including the Apok, Holy Terror, Wormspeaker, and more. A world of epic adventure, horror, and the supernatural unlike any other – 160 pages – Cat. No. 809 – On sale.

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