Pantheon of Deities

Deities of Humankind

Alishanka The Unicon LG Good, Light, Guardianship, Protection
Ariele The Dove NG Love, Marriage
Celine The Swan NG Healing, Health
Chauntea The Ox N Plants, Agriculture
Cymnea The Leviathan CN The Sea
Discanus The Weasel NE Ill Luck, Treachery, Deceit
Hamaskis The Owl LN Order, Knowledge, Reason
Hecate The Cat LG Wizardry, Magic
Mielikki The Pegasus CG Rangers, The Forest, Fertility
Saeble The Raven CN Weather, Journeys
Silvanus The Bear N Nature, Balance
Sithanus The Wyvern LE Evil, Dark, Disease
Tempus The Boar CN War, Battle
Tyche The Fox CG Good Fortune, The Downtrodden

Deities of Dwarves

Moradin SoulForger LG Father of all Dwarves, Forging
Claggedin Silverbeard CG War, Battle, Heroism
Abbathor Greedmaster NE Evil, Greed, Murder, Theft
Vergedain Fatemaster N Luck, Wealth
Berronar Dwarfmother LG Safety, Truth, Love

Deities of Halflings (Colly)

Peryroyl The Wise LG Knowledge, Nature
Avoreen The Defender LG Defense, Protection, Warriors
Cyrollalee The Faithful LG Friendship, Trust
Brandobaris The Quick NG Thieves, Stealth, Trickery

Deities of Gnomes

Garal CG Gnomes, Protection, Mischief
Baervan NG Thieves, Adventurers, Inventors
Segojan NG Earth, Nature
Flande NG Forging, Metalwork, Craftsman
Urdlan (The Devourer) CE Evil, Greed, Deceit

Deities of Elfs

Larethian CG Lord of all the elves
Telesk LG Good, Guardianship
Askari CG Mischief, Fortune
Ilsere CG Magic
Celanil NG Love, Beauty
Solonar CG Archery, Hunting

Deities of Mountain Elfs

Sharlani LN Dark, Family, Home
Karansik N Combat, Death
Kameri LN Magic, Power
Ticasi CN Luck, Treachery, Knowledge
Vech LE Darkness, Treachery
Khestra (Llolth) CE Spiders, Death

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