D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 9: Norse Deities) Odin Advances!

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D&D Playtester for WoTC since 2012
Well that's a wrap! We have made it through all 9 deities, and we're heading into the grand finale!

Round 1 (Forgotten Realms): Selune
Round 2 (Greyhawk): Boccob
Round 3 (Dragonlance): Takhisis
Round 4 (Eberron): Olladra
Round 5 (Nonhuman Deities): Yondalla
Round 6 (Celtic Deities): Lugh Lámfada
Round 7 (Greek Deities): Athena
Round 8 (Egyptian Deities): Anubis
Round 9 (Norse Deities): Odin

I'll have the new roster up and ready to go in an hour or three; my work day just started and it looks like it's gonna be a "fun" one. Stay tuned!
We could have a 5E Survivor Deities Champion between the top 10 finalists with Round 10 Sehahine ?

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