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Level Up (A5E) Parrying Weapons - Decide before or after result is known?

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Always after the roll is made (so you know if the parry would do anything) but before the effect of the hit is declared.
I'm usually reminding new players (or even experienced players still unfamiliar with the parry property) that a parry might help.

Coming back to this thread for a follow-up question. The parry that a character gets from using a weapon with the parrying property is never stated as using a Reaction. At my table, I would rule it as using a Reaction, but I am curious if it is clarified anywhere in the text?


If it were a reaction it would say so.
Compare it to the Defensive property where it specifically states that you use a bonus action to do things.

Also note the conditions preventing you to use it and Parrying only applies to melee attacks (by a creature you can see)

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