D&D 5E Passage Domain. Balanced Subclass or not?


Granting a cantrip is usually a feature, like "Bonus Cantrip": from the Light domain. I will be counting it as such.

I'm not evaluating any custom spells as part of this. However, if they are off-theme for the cleric list, like Fireball is for the Light domain, that adds a fair amount of flexibility and therefore power.

Adding 10 feet is a nice ability. It's better than the Monk, who has restriction on +10'. Ignoring all difficult terrain is no where near a 1st level ability - drop it.

This is not a 1st level ability by a long shot. Since we already have two 1st level bonuses - Bonus Cantrip and Safe Passage (+10' speed only), just drop this.

Glamour Bard has one of the nicer bardic specials. This doesn't seem out of line, but it's not a weak one.

It may be more thematic to change the tHP to "the targets can ignore difficult terrain until the end of your next turn", to bring back in the Safe Passage ability -- that fits the domain more then random temporary HPs.

Okay, this is a moderately good deal. You can push people into hazards, off cliffs, etc. As written you can lift them into the air. The biggest thing is that it should only be a single target per round, not every target.

Blessed Strikes, where it can apply to both, does not increase at 14th. Take a look in Tasha's. Strike that last line.

Sounds cool!

EDIT: I try to give feedback before reading so I am not biased by other's thoughts and can give my own. I see here that you have a new version of this posted though, so ignore this.
Thanks for the effort and time Blue.

Your comments do help me with balance knowledge. This is not yet a done deal and I like your options and changes and also your reasons for them.

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