Passing of Wizo Ka'yn


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I just came across this on a browsing of the Gleemax forums, and considering that Fraxus only posted it two hours ago, this is recent news. I know there are many veteran ISRPers around that remember the part she played in the community who may not receive this news. Currently no details spoken of in that thread, but I'm sure we will all be extending our condolences to her family.

A sad day, indeed. :(

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I've been told it was apparently a sudden heart attack. Beyond that I have no details. I last spoke to her just a few days ago and she was happy, her kids were doing well, and things seemed fine.

She was just a year older than myself, just shy of that really.

One of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure to know.



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So Long Alyysssa, Till We Meet Again

I cannot say exactly when I first met Alyysssa (or Ka'yn, if you prefer), but I can tell you that it was years ago, most likely in the summer of 1999 when I first discovered freeform roleplaying online.

What I can tell you is that she was vibrant, glowing with life and good cheer and liked by everyone. She was kind hearted and friendly, always trying to get people involved with each other. Years later, she went to great lengths to find my number and call me on the phone because she had heard through the grapevine that I might be in trouble. Bless her heart, she didn't even know my real first name, but if there was a chance I might have needed help, she was going to offer it. We spoke for perhaps two hours, long distance, long after she was sure I really was okay. Even then it was hard for me to reconcile the differences and similarities between the 'real' person and the being I knew her as online:

A beautiful, everyoung, eversmiling, flaxen-haired druidess in the middle of a perfect green glade that will never turn brown. There is birdsong in the air and sunlight in the canopy. Can you see her there, with her arms outstretched and a smile on her lips?

In my heart she will always be Aly to me and she will never die.


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One of the brightest stars in the abyss of the online world. If she was even half of what she was to her friends and family in the real world, that she was to those in this one, then the world has lost a truly amazing person.

I suppose I never had a chance to tell you, having left the community alone for so long, so I'll say it now. That haven you provided in those imaginary woods got me through some of the most difficult periods of my life, and the people that gathered there, including you, brought me some severely needed happiness into my life when times were grim. Such things are more valuable than any tangible gift could ever be, thank you.

It's rare for news of something like this to affect me, so I'm surprised to find myself heartbroken... You'll be missed Aly, good luck with what comes next.


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*Kendari remembers the Grove*

As another of those "real old-timers", indeed, I also remember Alyysssa well, from back in the days of the old site. Way back when the Grove was the happening place to be. Perhaps what, 8 years ago? She was a person who wanted to bring everyone together, and the patronage of those who came to her Grove represented that, and as back then the clientele was vast, there were sometimes two dozen people in her Grove on whatever site she'd host it on, sometimes even out-numbering the chat-numbers on the Wiz's ISRP. I was another who had the rare privilege to have spoken to her ooc as well, such as on the phone, and indeed, she was as kind-hearted in reality as her character was ic -- my heart goes out to her family and friends, I wish there was something I could do for them.

Man, I just don't know what to say, really. I'm stunned.
Can we have a Grove room in honor of Aly? Rename the Garden for a while? Kendari would reappear in ISRP, just to remember Aly or something. I just ... wanna do something. She will be missed greatly.

May her Grove stay in bloom and green forever, and her voice whisper forever in the breeze that rustles the branches of her trees.

~~ KC

Natalie Storm

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I find myself in a bit of shock at the moment and all I can seem to do is sit here and remember the bits and pieces of the wonderful person that were shown to me and to all of us. Yes, she will be greatly missed in all her forms. love you Alyysssa/Ka'yn


A terrible, terrible loss. My condolences to her family.

Alyy was one of the first people I met when I started out on TSR those many years ago.

No matter what was going on, there was always Alyy and her grove to go to, to mellow out, and have some fun. She shall be missed, but never forgotten.

May she rest safely in the bosom of nature.


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"The Rule of Three."


Even now as I read this, I still find myself in absolute shock. I have thought for long hours what I could possibly say, what words could possibly suit.

Sister and Friend.. ever shall you linger..

For what is given to us from one, returns to us in the power of three. Such is the lesson of the Grove.

For all the kindness shown, both in the game.. and those of us who had the pleasure to know and share words with you outside of it. For all that light and joy you brought to us, and all those moments of tears and laughter shared. These are gifts we shall always hold, and in doing so you will ever remain. Thank you.

You will be missed.. but we shall always seek the Grove still, and the smiles found therein.


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When I first read this thread I was speechless. Ka'yn....gods will she be missed. A sweet wonderful person, I have meet very few people on her caliber of kindness and open mindedness. She was the first to welcome newbies with open arms, working to help the poor lost sould find their way around that mass of space known as ISRP.
Thats how I meet her. I was a lost soul, trying to figure out how to work my way around the chatroom, eight almost nine years ago. She took this little dragon underwing and taught me the dos and don'ts of a good RPer. She was one of the first people I RP'd with steadily as I learned my way around the place. Back in those days I jumped at the chance to talk with her, she was a wonderful person.
Saddly with time we grew apart, she was on less and less and I drifted to others in hopes of finding a good match. I regret now that I still didn't talk to her, her passing took a great person from both the real world, and ISRP.


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A loss to us all

What can one say when a good friend is gone. I remember the times in the crossroads, and will never forget her. May the gods bless her, and her memory endure forever.


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I can't believe it. I fondly remember old RPs with Alyysssa and times as a WizO with Ka'yn. She will sorely be missed :(


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It took me a while to really remember my first interaction with WizO Ka'yn, but this is a rough translation of it:

One of my first character's was a very unoriginal name Shenzy. She was interacting with the character Guardian Edwin, and Ka'yn pm'ed me and said "Hey look! It's Shenzy and Ed!" We had a good laugh about it, started quoting The Lion King as if we were actually having a conversation. That must have lasted a good hour, then she patted my head and signed off to do other WizO stuff.

She will be missed dearly, but if she had it to her way, I believe that she would have us remember how she lived, not how she passed. Any good memories of her to share?


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It's been a while since I've been around, but I try to keep in touch with folks. This news is sad, indeed. Unfortunately my poor head is a bit fuddled due to lack of sleep, but I remember Aly being one of the people who was always around and who you could always play with. I remember working with Ka'yn back in my days as Karalyn, when the ISRP was still hosted by wizards.

Sad, sad news. Words escape me. I wish her family strength and healing. One of the worst things in life is the loss of a loved one, and it can leave you so empty. *hugs* My condolences.

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