Passing of Wizo Ka'yn


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Alyysssa is the reason I role play.

I sat in her Grove every single night while it was on Wizards. She tolerated me when my only interests were still disrupting rooms and causing scenes. She guided me from that to something more. She taught me a way to play with the intent of creation, rather than destruction. She taught me storytelling. She taught me depth. She was a friend to everyone, even if they didn't know it - willing to engage with any comment, any action, any effort, in effect improving the play experiences of others.

I sat in her Grove every single night when it moved beyond. We'd talk about everything and nothing, in-character and out. She'd organize plots, banquets, gatherings, and nothing at all, bringing old friends together. She married every character I had need such, and performed the event with as much gusto and ceremony as one might put into the real thing; she's done the same for dozens of other ISRPers. She was the 'afterparty' for Balls and Dances. She made people smile, she made people laugh, she made people glad to play; glad to interact.

I'd think of her Grove every night, even when we feel out of touch. I haven't really spoken to her in 2 years now, I think. We both played less, fell in with different crowds, moderating commitments. A chat every now and again towards the end, but the roads got far apart.

She was my first friend outside 'in-character.' She let me confide in her things I couldn't bring myself to talk of with 'real-life' friends. She was a willing ear and a comforting shoulder when I was at my absolute lowest. Jobs lost, careers earned, loved ones passed, lovers gone - she became a better friend than I could have ever asked for at its best, better than the ones I could touch and grasp in the flesh, and I'd like to hope I was able to be even a minute speck of that to her. She let me come out to her after friends in the flesh had challenged and admonished, and was able to simply accept.

I spent a long time trying to find a voice, some words. It feels almost selfish to do so, knowing that it's for my greater benefits; I need to say something, express something, else burst with the sadness I feel. But we've lost such a wonderful person, someone who has likely shaped the very way this community and its members view themselves.

To those who knew her, remember who and what she was and smile.

To those who have not have the privledge, know that this community has lost a wonderful storyteller and a radiant, superb human - mourn, and aspire.

Alyysssa is the reason I play.
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I am deeply sorrowed to hear about this passing. It has been years since I set foot in this community, for the most part I had just grown away from those I once knew and held dear. Alyysssa was one person that always made me feel at home, wether Iw as playing Vel, or her dark twin Alora and causing havock for the poor druid. Even now you are not fogotten by me Alyy, may the arms of the gods carry you home to sing with the angels that you so deserve to be with.

Velaria Starmantle an old face from the shadows.

James V

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I've got mixed emotions about it, and the only reason I'm saying this is because I didn't feel like I could live without saying what I honestly felt so here it is, Ka'yn was stability, a rock for a lot of people, me and her never really saw eye to eye, but then again, half of the players here and I don't see eye to eye because I use the internet as my escape from life, not life in general. So I'm going to say this, it does indeed make part of me feel guilty for not feeling sad of her passing, rather then just feeling sad for everyone who was affected by it, so instead of even mentioning her death, I suggest a new thread is posted about her life where you all should share stories and everything about her, perhaps I think Ka'yn would have saved a very unstable atmosphere in the isrp the majority of the time, she never took sides, and always did what she thought was best with interaction purposes.

Cloaked Woman

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wow... I know not what to say... I'm sadden by her loss... our characters never got along IC but OOC we were quite good friends who would laugh at our characters. She was an extremely bright star here who will be missed but all who knew her and her family. they are in my prayers


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What can I say that hasn't already been said?

A great person, who touched the lives of many people. I remember fondly the fortuitous times in The Grove, years ago. The Grove was a force of unchanging stability in a real (and online, too) world of ever-changing times.

The Grove was very much a light in the darkness of ISRP, and always seemed to carve itself out a little niche where-ever it was.

If everyone could be as generous as Aly/Ka'yn, the world would be an infinitely better peace.

May the gods guide you to bliss and happiness, Alyysssa/Ka'yn.

Aly.. oh my dear Aly. She was so kind hearted. It's easy to say that about people, but she was the real deal. I've met few people who had such a joy in being considerate to their fellow human being, but for her it was natural.

God bless you Aly.. I don't know what else to say. I want you here. Here to laugh and to talk to again. I have so much I didn't get to tell you. So many things have happened in these years..

I'll always be your Neobear..


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Wow. I don't have time to check back here very often, so I only just heard about this now. And this news saddens me a lot. I used to be so scared of her before she became my mentor and trained me during my brief stint on the WizO team and I honestly had such fun romping around behind the scenes.

I just wish I was better in keeping in contact with people. I'll miss her a lot. *sigh*


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Hm, I happened to read a random thread on gleemax, and someone's avatar was a "Goodbye Wizo Kayn", which led me to google, and eventually here.

We haven't talked in 5-6 years, since a little after she became Ka'yn, and dropped Alice (that's how I called her), who was Silver_String's sister.

Goodbye Alice.


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Wow... I've been away for awhile and what a thing to come back to. I've been RPing here for quite some time and though I didn't know her directly, to my dismay, I knew of her. It's strange to think of my fellow RPers as real people sometimes. I've always thought of everyone as characters in some elaborate story. Something like this is a cold, hard slap of reality...


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This is just awful.

Alyysssa was one of the first players--years and years and years ago--to play with my character as if I were an equal, rather than a newbie. She also, as Ka'yn, was a great deal of fun to play with when I started playing here again back in 2003.

I had not spoken to her for at least four years, but I still appreciated--still appreciate--the fact that she was so helpful.

This really is a terrible loss. I don't know what to say. Anything, and everything, seems hollow and self-serving when compared to the universal permanence of death. It's just, like I said, awful.

I just found out as I was leaving her a message on Myspace about this. I am crushed.My condolences to her family for their loss.

She was an amazing woman, a wonderful mom & grandma and a stellar D&D player. She taught me the ropes on TSR, as a gamer, a Wizo in training and as a friend. She had so many great stories IC and OOC about various things. She was so smart and so very full of life that I cannot truly believe she's gone. Her and I spoke years ago about how we needed a network of old timers so heavens forbid something happens to us others can get in touch with each other. For my old friend I'm doing just that. Those from the TSR/Wizards days who remember me (my characters- Moondyre, Ethera, Panthea, Jibbles, Aelan, etc) get in touch with me. I miss so many of you and I know Bren did as well,but after the close of the tavern many folks didn't make it to this site until many others stopped coming around so let's close the gap between us on cyber space, keep in touch and stay connected. I'd hate for something to happen to another player and not know of it.

I'll miss you my friend..You were an amazing woman and all you taught me I'll never forget.

Myspace- (

Babylon Logos

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Ethera de Lioncourt said:
Those from the TSR/Wizards days who remember me (my characters- Moondyre, Ethera, Panthea, Jibbles, Aelan, etc) get in touch with me.

Myspace- (

I can toss a phone call to Shenlong's player down the road . . . Everyone's favorite erstwhile monk. He's somewhere in my cellphone. Unless you'd rather I just tell him to e-mail you. He refuses to use Myspace under any circumstance.


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Thanks to Ethera I caught wind of this news and I must say that I am truly shocked. Some people are instantly likable and have this aura that lifts your spirit with their presence. Geniune people that are honest and care about others. I know that many of you understand what I am saying. Well, she was such a person.

We have all roleplayed with her characters, some of us have even had the opportunity to know her OOC so I say that we remember what we have lost and forever keep them in our hearts. In game, her Groove will become legend. In life, she will be remembered as a pure hearted individual.

On another note I think Ethera's idea on all of us keeping contact is excellent idea.


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Neo was the one to tell me, though Thar and Draggy weren't far behind. I'd only just gotten back onto msn after a long time away with the problems in my own life. That's the worst news I could have ever wanted to hear. Alyy was one of the first people I spoke with, back in 2000. I thought of her as indestructible, but there's only my fond memories of her and time spent just talking to her, now. I feel the most for those immediate family members she left behind, and my thoughts and wishes are with them, and how the cope with her passing.

As for Alyysssa, she's still out there with her grove, singing to the spirits and listening to the wind.

B xxx


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In shock...

I just opened myspace and got the message from Ethera. I am sadden, in shock, in tears. My prayers go out to Kayn's family and to all of you who cared about her , she will be missed. It does bring a bit of happiness to see Kayn had so many friends that she has impacted in all these years. I still am in shock....

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