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I'm back to be a pain.

While I was away my memory went slippery and I forgot a couple of my character's passwords.

The nifty password retrieval systems works wonders I bet, but not so much if the email account associated with a certain no longer exists because the email provider is gone.

Plus the fact the password retrieval system seems to not want to link to the appropriate page at 11:45PM EST today.

So esteemed Magis. What can I do to recover the passwords?

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Send us an e-mail to "" with the names of the characters for whom you need the passwords, and something to help us be sure that they really are your characters, such as approximately when they were last played and names of other characters (ones you can access) so we can compare.

If it looks legit, we'll reset the passwords to something random and send you the new passwords so you can get in and change it to whatever you want.


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Just to make sure, I sent an email at 4:30 PM yesterday.

Maybe I should have added the email address that I used to register the other characters.

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