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Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2e: is it RAW or RAI to always take 10 minutes and heal between encounters?

Doctor Futurity

I just want to chime in here, even if I'm late to the party.
PF2 is a fine game. I ran session 46 of a homebrew campaign last Tuesday, and we have introduced no significant rules variants or homebrewes fixes. It simply isn't necessary.

The things that I have changed, at least compared to published APs that have their own problems, are as follows:
  • most skill DCs are borrowed from the list of example static skill DCs.
  • I tend to use larger numbers of lower level adversaries, and only rarely have +2 or +3 level foes (though more often now that the PCs have reached 11th level). I still haven't used a +4 level adversary, except on a couple rare occasions when I was really foreshadowing a recurring villain, and had the guy cut out of the fight for plot reasons.
  • I also tend to seed magic items in loot a little earlier than the expected guidelines suggest. I'm convinced that many items in PF2 have inflated item levels and costs, and so have compensated a bit.

None of those "changes" involve fundamentally rewriting the game, and I recognize no "fundamental flaws" in the game. Like any RPG, a clever DM is going to adjust things on the fly, so as to create a more enjoyable gaming experience for his players.
Your experience really mirrors mine, although early on I leaned on level +3 or +4 foes more frequently and realized that was a huge mistake, and not really necessary for a hard challenge. The game also improved considerably as my players got better at spotting synergies and utilizing the out-of-combat healing.

My only complaint with PF2E is some of the rules are a bit disorganized.....there are some rules where you need to reference two or three unrelated spots to get the big picture (good example: crafting a magic weapon with runes; or how one goes about identifying magic items).

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