First Post
Well here we are again as we play Reign of Winter.


Dr Lewisant - a human juju necromancer
Uko - a human psion protector.
Hyatala -a human druid

It can be cold in Heldren, damned cold but never this cold in Midsummer. Rumours of the unnatural weather had spread far and wide and so Dr Lewisant, Uko and Hyatala had headed there to find out what was going on and if there was any money to be made. They discovered that a noblewoman's caravan had been attacked with only 1 guard remaining alive. He described being attacked by strange wintry creatures who were not normally seen so far south. Deciding to work together the party set out to rescue the noblewoman.

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First Post
Moving through the forest the group found that quite suddenly the terrain changed to one of snow and ice. Shortly after they found that the road ahead was littered with debris and corpses of both humans and horses. A carriage was stuck in the middle of the road with its horses cut loose while a second was overturned and damaged. In one corner there was a statue made of ice. Looking around Uko moved to the locked carriage and unbarred it. Suddenly 2 zombies were upon him and they attacked. Murmuring under her breath Hyatala cast a spell and a sheer bolt of ice struck one of the zombies. Killing it. Dr Lewisant panicked and tried to hide in the cart. Uko had been badly injured but hsd slowly regained his senses and destroyed the second zombie. Looking through the carriage they found little of interest. Hyatala investigated the statue and found it was a human who had been frozen in the ice and then hacked up. Realising there was nothing they could do for him they took his equipment. Hyatala found some tracks leading further into the woods so the party decided to follow them.


First Post
After resting for the night by making a snow hole the party pressed on to a ford. Ploughing ahead Dr Lewisant set off a tripwire which made a loud BOOM.

Three figures approached, clearly bandits.

"Well, well looks like the boss was right, they did send people after her ladyshp, too bad for you." Drawing their short swords the bandits attacked. Dr Lewisant was the first to act. Suddenly behind the bandits came the sound of wolves howling. At the same time Hyatala cast a spell and a bolt of lighting charred one bandit to death and burnt the other two. Thr remaining villians surged forwarded attempting to hit Uko. With a mighty swing he decapitated one bandit and quickly slaughtered the others.

"From now on Lewisant, maybe you should go at the back", quipped Hyatala, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes.

Moving onwards the group saw a large lodge structure in the distance. Perhaps here was the bandit hideout.


First Post
Moving forward the group could see that the lodge comprised of 3 main buildings, the lodge, an outhouse and a stable. Hyatala snuck around 1 side and saw a group of bandits in 1 room and a cook in one room. She then spoke to the cook a half orc called ten penny Tacey and convinced her to join the group. Dr laurisant cast ghost sound and several of the bandits ran out to the outhouse. Meanwhile Uko, tenpenny and hyatala faced off against the leader of the bandits a brute of man called Rokhar Cindren,

Tala cast a spell and Rokhar found himself entangled in vines. In addition laurisant cast doom, causing Rokhar to be shaken. In retaliation Rokar channelled negative energy at lewisant before being struck down by Uko. After a bit of searching they found lady argentia and returned to Heldren


And that is where we ended

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