Pathfinder Goblin Village Minis Set


Well, that was fun
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WizKids is releasing a premium Pathfinder goblin village miniature set (but suitable for any fantasy RPG), which features tents, bonfires, palisades, and even a goblin baby!


The entire set contains:
  • Large Tent x1
  • Small Tent x2
  • Barricade x3
  • Baby Goblin Gate x1
  • Palisade Walls x3
  • Pigpen Gate x1
  • Goblin Babies x1
  • Palisade Gate x1
  • Pigpen Fence x4
  • Magic Pig x1
  • Bonfire x2
  • Junk Statue x1
  • Junk Pile x2
  • Pickle Barrel x2
  • Throne x1
  • Chief Goblin x1

There's more info and images here. No price yet or date yet.




I'm always interested when they release new dungeon prop mini's. The tents, walls, gate and barricades could easily be used for other creatures (such as a cannnibal village). The goblin specific stuff I don't care for.