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A lot of replacements are more folkloric, so I wouldn't say it's very Talislanta-ish. It is kind of "anime-ish" in that it has kind of a unique cosmology in the background that is definitely not traditional fantasy, but something more story-oriented and flashy. I would say the ghouls in this book are a nice callback to real world mythology as well as Ravenloft. The effigies are all clearly Ray Harryhausen attack statues. To me, it's honestly less drastic a change than, say, how Eberron presents traditional D&d elements.

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Eh. Aside from the setting specific monster books (e.g. Monsters of Faerun), I can't think of a monster description from 3.x that included phrases like "...when the forces of Iuz attacked Verbobonc...." (I don't think that exact phrase-equivalent is in any of the Bestiaries mind you, its a fictional exemplar.) I know that a lot of the Undead entries reference Geb. And for non-monster examples, the two differing styles of gun-slingers are explicitly tied to Golarion countries. There are (many) others.
Anywhere they didn't match their mythology origins (if such existed), which is almost everywhere, essentially can be called setting specific.
And anything which didn't have a mythology origin would be setting specific by that very fact alone.

I do not know how well the Monster Core creatures do at being closer to original mythos and lore. They did state it as a goal but I doubt they went all the way with them very often. But at least trying would be something of an improvement.

Personally I wish they'd have gone further with at least those I do recognize some of the mythology to.

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