War of Immortals

Pathfinder 2E War of Immortals

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So there's a lot here to discuss

Between the two books (war of the Immortals and Lost Omens Divine Mysteries) we're getting several long awaited character options like a Cleric-that-actually-just-hits-things-for-a-living (we've been promised it trades Divine Font, your 4 free castings of heal or harm for the day for improved hit progression) and the Bloodrager Barbarian (barbarian that casts spells) and a divine assassin type in the Avenger Rogue.

These options are very exciting because they're class archetypes, being very keyed into this game, I can tell you that it feels like a major milestone where the developers feel comfortable enough with their vision of the system and its balance points to begin putting out more of these options that twist specific classes in exciting ways-- like the system is Growing the Beard, so to speak, and coming into its own by another full step.

Mythic is in the same vein where you have this implicit promise in a lot of the material up until now, including the framing of Tar Baphon as one of Golarion's most important villains, who you explicitly haven't been able to fight yet ostensibly because it wasn't possible to be strong enough (plus, he probably won't come until an AP featuring him does) even though 1e characters theoretically had the firepower.

I also really wonder what these Mythic Destinies will be like, I know there was some discussion on the forum where designers acknowledged that some people want them to be something you do parallel to a normal progression, not just at the end-- (it was actually discussed early in the edition's life that not having to do that was one of the goal's for PF2e's math after 1e's iteration was less than stellar, but fan feedback seems to have gone the other way, especially after Owlcat's Wrath of the Righteous) so it'll be interesting to see how they square that circle.

My expectation is that the Mythic Destinies will be like archetype slots where you can give them to players alongside normal progression, with guidelines for how to do encounters for mythic characters that push their new abilities (along with discussion of how you shouldn't always do that to give them power fantasy), but with direct power increases that come into play based on your progression through it, but then secondarily feature a variant where you start gaining them at 20 for the people that like that sort of thing. Implicit to that, I'm also expecting Mythic to shatter the game's base expectations for balance, such that using normal encounters will create overpowered characters, since that's actually a fairly reasonable solution for people who want to be able to break the game.

We do know, from the product page, that we're getting:
New weapons, items, and spells for mythic characters
As well as:
8 terrifying new mythic monsters and rules for creating mythic threats of your own!
The spells and monsters interest me here, because I wonder how they'll fit into the game's existing levels and spell ranks-- will they just be normal spells with a Mythic tag that makes them stronger than the rank suggests? Will they be rank 11 or higher?

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