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Pathfinder/Numenera Hybrid


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I realized at Gencon this year that I had become exhausted on the Pathfinder/d20 system. The only time run Pathfinder at Gencon is during the Iron DM tournament, and the process is so labor intensive that I frequently feel that keeping track of all the rules, running clocks and statistics of a character bogs the players down where keeping track of the story becomes moot.

Then, I played Numenera, and was thoroughly impressed by the rules, though I did want slightly meatier combat. And thus, I began creating a house rule mashup of the two where my players could take their current pathfinder character and convert it elegantly into a newly run system.

Highlights of the system
1. single d20 roll for most actions.
2. No need to track a variety of different bonuses.
3. Easier to teach new players
4. Players make all rolls

1. A lot of the min/maxing is gone as the default is to max
2. A more deadly system. Combat is faster and more deadly.
3. All spells haven't been balanced against it.

There are some unnecessary house rules at the end of the document specific to my campaign and death .

Opinions and suggestions are very welcome.


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First Post
This is really interesting and confusing to me. Am I to assume Pathfinder as the base of the rules when not referred to? Or is it Numenera that is the base? How are adversarial encounters handled. It seems like the Numenera system, but how is that calculated? Is it just, pic an enemy choose a difficulty and use their abilities?

Do you use HP or deduct from abilities?

Do you level up to 20 or tier up to 6? I'm assuming level to 20.

Do you get Edge?

If you could include a filled character sheet and a short example of play, that may help clear up confusion. Thanks. :D
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