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Kickstarter Paved in Blood by Falconian Productions





Paved in Blood is in its last 48 hours of its kickstarter!​

Paved in Blood is a city-making game of magical mysteries and strange conspiracies. It's about creating a city with a group of friends, a city that's full of hidden supernatural organizations, factions, that are following unknowable agendas with questionable goals, just outside the periphery of the mundane populace. Wherever they act, strange Resonances crop up, coloring the supernatural landscape.

While many setting creation games use a top-down approach, Paved in Blood works from the bottom up, exploring the city through the eyes of the (potentially preternatural) characters within it. You start off creating characters that tie to locations, and then start weaving those together to create factions, neighborhoods, and eventually districts within the city.

It's not as simple as brainstorming, though. At just about any step along the way, other players can insert a twist into your scenes, events, or conspiracies, preventing anything from being too straightforward. By the end of the game, your table will be an interconnected mess of people, places, plots, and more!

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