PC names in your party


This is just a little informal survey of D&D character names. Share the names of your character and their party-mates in your current campaign(s). If you're not currently playing, list the names from a favorite campaign.

My party is:

Sir Yatagan Fracas (me)
Captain Artichoke
Penelope Pindar (and Sappho the Cat)
Mister Odanais Dare
Heyoka Jumps-Off-Mountains
Vox Cadaveris

edit: and the campaign I run features:

Burne the Alchemist
Rackhir the Bloody Archer
Meiji Kitsune
Atlatl Jones
The MODOSS unit
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My Eberron game

Nelt Thorne (human fighter)

Cornelius "Kaine" Jaranus 'd Cannith (commonly Kaine Jaranus) (human wizard)

Xae'nith Tal Cedar/Val Kirin (valenar elf ranger/reverent blade, the second name is his ancestor, he answers to both)

Lucius Tomer 'd Orien (again, drops his house name) (human cleric of the Traveler/warlock)

Simon Howard Ian Thumnal (Yes, those ARE his initials) (halfling artificer)

This group also orginally had a half-orc rogue named Pete Dent and a human cleric names Glove (My Dove) but both players dropped out.

My 4e Homebrew

Rahkir (human fighter)
Pael'athith Amakirinis (eladrin wizard)
Antigrieus (half-elf warlock)
Phoenix (warforged cleric)


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The campaign I'm playing in:
Culler - human warlord (my character)
Dobald - human fighter
Memnoch - genasi swordmage
Rizolvir - drow warlock
Xilxion - drow fighter

The campaign I DM:
Fladnag - human wizard
Nienna - halfling rogue
Peren - half-elf warlord
skekSil - dragonborn paladin
Taiko - tiefling warlock

Daniel D. Fox

My homebrewed campaign features these characters, who're former prisoners that have "earned" a nickname (which they call each other by):

The Captain - human warlord (practically-minded, no nonsense military man)
Big Sod - human warlord (addicted to alchohol, blundering)
Prettyboy - human rogue (well-spoken murderer)
Tyr's Clown - human fighter (stunted man with short, mishapen arms that once was a performance artist)
Shitbreath - human rogue (bleeding gums, terrible breath, chews spearmint)
Saint Pious (aka the Holy Roller) - human fighter (delusional man given to carry on conversations with "god")
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Other game

as of yet unnamed
as of yet unnamed
as of yet unnamed
as of yet unnamed

I don't insist they pick names right away. It makes new players lock up.


These names are from the last go at 4e my group had...

Caldwell... Male Tiefling Swordmage
Gabriel... Male Human Cleric
Veil, "The Forgotten".... Male Drow Ranger
Riel d'Mourn....Male Drow Rogue
Zenobia.... Female Eladrin Warlock.


We currently have:

Vinaar (male dragonborn fighter)
Vincent (male human warlock)
Nithiril Semphara (male eladrin artificer)
Xilbre (female drow cleric)


Campaign I'm running:
Darian Shadowheart
Glandrin Sunbeam
Gurias Stormborn
Terrlen Darkstalker (took up the role of an NPC from H2)
Reschard Tam

Occasional players:
Gairdan Facio
Alice Starr
Grob Zerk
Stephandrial Colbertus and his eagle Truth

Campaign I'm playing in:
Istarya (me)
Carric Rolen
McGwyver Cogwheel
Teodora of Pelos
Rex Trawkus

For the campaign I'm running, I'm glad to see a lot of names that sound very "D&Dish" to me... except for Stephandrial.


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I've got

Dorn, dwarf fighter
Brella, dwarf cleric
Maeron, elf ranger
Willimac, halfling rogue
Arianne, eladrin warlord/swordmage
Rannek, human wizard


  • Ariondell
  • Sturm
  • Frank :hmm:

  • Valwyn
  • Thorgrim
  • Elias
  • Keenan
  • Dyln
  • Togo
  • Wormwood (retired)

  • Tarn
  • Morituri
  • Astrian
  • Gwen


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I've been DMing two campaigns lately. Sadly, both are currently on hiatus and it isn't clear whether either will bounce back. So, as of about a month ago...

First Group
  • Dionus Apocoliptus
  • Imogen Magdalene
  • Sariel
  • Sevellis
Second Group
  • Bythos
  • Duke Cordillo
  • Esslin "The Mage Eater"
  • Kirchhoff "Wergeld" Blazebeard

El Mahdi

Muad'Dib of the Anauroch
Homebrewed Forgotten Realms Campaign (modified post-Spellplague) with houseruled 3.5E.

  • Greyanna Vrinn - Human/Elf raised Drow Rogue/Wizard and Harper from Daggerdale
  • Briannan Kendrick - Human Bard and Harper (from Moonshae) and youngest daughter of Tristan Kendrick
  • Sarah - Amnesiac Human Wizard posessing a Holy Symbol of the now dead Goddess Mystra
  • Regdar - Human Fighter (He Lives!) - hires out as Soldier-for-Hire/Mercenary
  • Zen - Warforged Monk (created long before the new origins article in Dragon)
  • El Mahdi Dragonbane - NPC Half-Elf Ranger - occasional companion to the above group - lives on the edge of the Border Forrest/Anauroch - dedicated to defeating the Empire of Shade
  • Thistleskin Kapplecourt - NPC Forrest Gnome Beastrider - occasional companion of the above group and companion of El Mahdi
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In the 4e H-series campaign I am running now we have:

Aisha- Half-elf Warlord

Lucias Donard- Human Cleric of Erathis

Dellion Dwynthanon- Eladrin Rogue

Telliah Naerumar- Tiefling Starpact Warlock


Trogdor!- Dragonborn Fighter w/ firebreath(the player just couldn't help themselves)

My own current PCs in other games are:

Sir Dain Rowan, The Ivory Boar: Human Fighter

Grackle: Goblin Beguiler

Gideon: Half-Ogre Cleric of St. Cuthbert

Baron Rothenastur: Dwarven Mage

The Human Target

Game I'm playing in...
Arkus Diskanar, Tiefling Warlord (Me)
Dale Degrassi, Human Warlock
Ehoud Altus, Genasi Swordmage
Atroemis Skyfall, Eladrin Wizard
2 as yet unnamed new PCs

In the game I'm running...
Aerion "Singleshot", Elf Ranger
Malik Hi'vayne, Tiefling Warlock
Demali, Eladrin Rogue
Gunter Vanguard, Human Warlord
Balsifar the Undefeated, Dragonborn Fighter


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Our current campaign is on hiatus due to the holidays and family commitments...and may not survive. The current DM is following up a longish campaign that was pretty cool, and he isn't exactly doing his best work.

As a result, I can only remember my PC's name at this point:

Adragon Von Basten Human Sorcerer (who will eventually take a couple of Ftr levels). He's the son of a prostitute and he's cast in the the "mage-brute" type- he wears Scale Mail & Lg Shield, carries a Maul, and is more likely to channel his spell energy through his Draconic Breath than actually cast...though his spell selection tends towards those without somatic components.

"Adragon Von Basten" A dragon who is a bastard! Ha!


My current tabletop game the initial PCs were:

Tal, Rogue
Uric Verhoveson, dwarf Fighter
Krask Bloodeye, spirit shaman
Calen Oakenbrow, half-elf Druid

Later PCs have included the current PCs:

Brother Cadfael (Paladin),
Pun E'Eco (Rogue),
Baelor (Cleric),

No real dumbass names.


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Our current party, which is apparently adventuring in the Caves of Chaos (more or less).

Krivken, Dragonborn Fighter (mine!)
Collin (the Miller), Human Warlord
E'a, Half-elven Warlock
Annwyl, Human Rogue
Liek, Eladrin Wizard

Fairly normal, really.


AoW Game I DM
Clay - Dwarf Fighter
Duece - Half-orc Barbarian Fighter
Graymorn - Human Cleric/Radiant Servant
Visuvius - Human Evoker

Eberron Game 1 I play in
Cort - Human Dragonmarked Mage
Elric - Human Cleric
Jericho - Human Paladin (me)
Stijn - Human Scout
Ulfgar - Dwarf Fighter

Game 2 I play in
Bawkn - Dragonborn Warlord
Canabis - Elven Ranger*
Cryonisis - Eladrin Wizard
Germfask - Human Ranger
Laudnum - Human Warlock
Sir Paxil - Dragonborn Paladin*
Sister Mary Eccinacia - Human Cleric*
Thorazine - Human Rogue (me)*
Zocor - Dragonborn Fighter*

* the original players all decided to name the characters after drugs. This was not enforced as players left and were replaced.

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