D&D 5E PC races that a DM has specifically excluded from their campaign and why

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Generally say no to OP and let suck races.

In 5E that's Aaracokra and anything else that flies.

Dragonborn might get the ban hammer because they suck.

are there any races that people have excluded from their campaign for any reason
My first campaign in 5e only had halflings, humans, and goliaths as playable races to start. It has now expanded to add dwarves, elves, forest gnomes, goblins, hobgoblins, and mulgoblins (a variant on bugbear)

Whizbang Dustyboots

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I started my campaign limiting the available races to humans, dwarves and gnomes, to reflect who lived in the community. As the campaign has gone on, the doors have been thrown wide for choices in side campaigns, but always based on what's appropriate for that game. I've explicitly put Van Richten's lineages on the table for our upcoming Empire of the Ghouls campaign, for instance.

I prefer, where possible, to have each campaign to have a theme throughout, expressed through classes, subclasses, etc. For the most part, this has worked out fine, although there have had to be a few negotiations with players over the years.


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Every race is allowed except for Kenku and Yuan-Ti. Yuan-Ti because they're mechanically bonkers, and Kenku because they're unequivocally the most annoying race to play as in the game.

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