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I've been tinkering with a campaign wiki here. I put together the list of PCs so far in this campaign. Thought I'd share.

List of Characters, living and dead

Grunnok, bugbear (reskinned Genasi) warden Original, Retired, grizzled sergeant of the Clan army
Jin, bugbear (both bugbear and reskinned human) ranger Original, Dead, expert tracker and hunter in the Clan army
Kyuzo, hobgoblin (reskinned Githzerai) monk Original, Retired, grandson of the Clan leader, only spared because of some mystic signs at his birth
Nukk' Gek, hobgoblin (reskinned Kalashtar) cleric Original, Retired, briefly trained as a Night Stalker, then turned over to the sadistic Elder Shaman Tulakk, son of Shaman Luuz' Gek
Tuktuk, goblin wizard, died and reborn as revenant wizard, Original, Dead, Current, crazy follower of an imaginary god
Varis, changeling bard, Original, Retired, somehow slipped into the Clan as a baby and raised as a hobgoblin. Gift of prescience brought him to the Dirgesingers' attention
Zek, goblin assassin Original, Dead, Grandmother's Knife, member of the Night Stalkers. Sends the shades of his dead littermates after enemies

Noir adventure
Barag, goblin thief Noir, Retired Moved to Ghaal Morth, married to Rughak, had many little clanless goblin babies, and tried to put the slaughters of the Grikka behind him. But late at night Barag goes out and collects kills…
Glam, goblin thief Noir, Retired Stayed with the Grikka, lives in the common rooms, spends time fleecing Dar in Ghaal Morth. The only happy one of the Seven.
Mashnak, bugbear hunter Noir, Retired Wanders the lower reaches of Ghaal Morth, killing Kesh Sharat.
Múra, hobgoblin hexblade. Noir, Retired Bumar’s son.He made a pact to gain the power to get the Seven together and rescue his father.
Urakh, bugbear slayer. Noir, Retired Moved to Ghaal Morth. Avoids the Grikka except for the meetings of the Seven. Drinks himself into oblivion.
Uzgol, hobgoblin knight.Noir, Retired Stayed with the Grikka and joined the royal bodyguard.

Sharaat raid
Hellyug, bugbear (reskinned human?) fighter, Sharaat, Retired, found a secret tunnel in the underdark and sold that info to General Mog
Vizzini, goblin minion rebuilt as goblin (reskinned) warlord, Sharaat, Retired, the only surviving minion of the Sharaat raid, Vizzini broke out of the time stream to meet the group in Dolhurr

Akariel, halfelf bard/warlock hybrid the rebuilt as human bard/warlock hybrid (multiclass?), Dolhurr, Retired, archivist for House Phiarlan that died during an expedition that secured a book of forbidden lore
Siege, warforged fighter, Dolhurr, Retired, woke up dead trapped in a human body!
Travock, dwarf warpriest, Dolhurr, Current, died for his Clan and to fulfill a prophecy of the Forgotten One
Zoul, drow assassin then rebuilt as drow thief, Dolhurr, Current, saved by the Raven Queen for reasons unknown

Ill met in Sharn
Gnarsc, bugbear (reskinned Thri-kreen) fighter/rogue hybrid, Sharn, Dead, assigned to the group by Ambassador Mog to watch over Grandmother's coin
Skud, ogre (reskinned Goliath) seeker then rebuilt as ogre (reskinned Goliath) runepriest, Sharn, Current, Daask enforcer hired by the Clan to protect the restaurant
Skuurj, hobgoblin (reskinned Teifling) cavalier/binder hybrid, Sharn, Current, followed the prophet to the outpost in Sharn. Empowered by the Forgotten One
Zoras, orc (reskinned Mul) battlemind, Sharn, Current, Daask enforcer hired by the Clan to protect the restaurant

Ill met in Droaam
Krusk, shifter ranger, Droaam, Current, hired in Vralkek as a guide and thrown together with the "murder" of Glory

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