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D&D 5E [PEACH] Interrogation feature for detective

I had this idea for a detective class feature, but it's kind of unprecedented and open-ended, so I thought I'd ask for a few more eyes to take a look at it.

Does it make sense?
What problems do you foresee running it?
It is it overpowered? Underpowered? Both?
Does it seem fun?

By 7th level, you have learned to extract the truth from witnesses and suspects in spite of their best efforts. After you catch a character in three lies in a single conversation (whether through knowledge of contrary evidence, use of Insight, or other means), you can immediately ask that character a question on the same subject as one or more of the lies and receive an answer that is truthful to the best of their knowledge. At the DM's discretion, the character might not themselves respond honestly; instead you might discern the truth from their involuntary reaction or infer it from the inconsistencies in their story.

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