Pendragon 6E Gets An April Release Date!

The long-awaited Arthurian game is nearly here!


Dicebreaker posted a preview of the Player's Handbook cover

Hitting EN World's most anticipated TTRPG of the year four years running, Pendragon 6th Edition from Chaosium finally has a release date! The first of three core rulebooks, the Player's Handbook, will be hitting store shelves this coming April, with the Gamemaster's Handbook and the Noble's Handbook (high level play) coming 'as soon as logistically possible'. April will also see The Grey Knight, an updated edition of an adventure by Larry DiTillio--of Masks of Nyalathotep fame--from 1986.

There will also be a Campaign Kit and a GM screen, plus a range of additional products such as an atlas, bestiary, regional sourcebooks, and more.

Also planned is an updated version of the Great Pendragon Campaign, originally written and by Greg Stafford and released in 2006, which covered 80 years of game time across multiple volumes.


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No. But then, the next RQ book was supposed to be out in March, and it hasn't been sighted either. So I guess Chaosium is just running a little late in general.
According to my FLGS (I've had it pre-ordered for a long while) it's supposed to arrive in stores this week. Assuming you mean the Glorantha Sourcebook, apologies if not.


Distinguo: DiTillio did a lot of good episodes for He-Man, but it's reaching to call him the "mastermind." He has a much stronger claim on She-Ra, where he wrote four-fifths of the opening serial and many other episodes.

Interestingly, it was his gaming work that brought him to the attention of the people in charge of He-Man, since they were looking for people with "swords & sorcery" background as well as scriptwriting. Several characters he used in He-Man--Lord Masque from "House of Shokoti, Part I", and the dragon Granamyr--came from his home campaigns or RPG writings.
Fair enough.

Evidently even got Straczynski play in a few games.
However, he was one of the masterminds, along with Bob Forward, for the Beast Wars: Transformers cartoon. While Beast Wars was controversial with older TF grognards ("truck, not monkey!"), Beast Wars helped revitalize a struggling Transformers IP and its fandom in the 90s. The writing in BW was a key part of it, focusing on a smaller cast of characters* with more serialized story-telling. Additionally, the DiTillio and Forward built upon the original Transformers series, though mistakenly at first,** while also vastly contributing new lore to the mythos of the larger Transformers IP that would follow.

* Albeit mostly due to cost-saving measures for Mainframe Entertainment doing the show in CGI.

** Apparently the mention in the early episodes of "the Great War" was not originally intended to refer to Autobot v. Decepticon War, but when enthusiastic fans made the connection, DiTillio and Forward decided to bridge these two series into a more cohesive whole, including not only the TF animated series but also the US & UK comic series. Part of the process began consulting Transformer fan experts, several of whom get mentioned in the series.

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