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Hey everyone

My DnD group is doing a new campaign and we're basing our characters off our personalities. Most of these traits is what the group picked for me.

Based off this info what class/subclass would match this?


Factual, prefer hard facts

Plan everything in advance. Adaptable if need be

Blunt and tell it as Is


Imaginative but not super creative

Narrow things down and organize

Value on details and the past

Obsess over meanings


Thrive on comfort and predictability

Love space and science

Logical and Rational

Good at bridging gaps with communication if there's a misunderstanding


Read a lot

Love to learn about new things.

Must understand before doing


Somewhat selfish


Not a very chaotic person

Can be aggressive

Easily stand up for myself

Weightlift everyday

Knowledge is important and believe everyone should have opportunities to learn

Very protective

Competitive and don't like losing

Really enjoy strategy games and puzzles

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I mean, anyone can play any character, sometimes some of the fun is playing someone very different from yourself.

But based on what you've told me...

Wizard (knowledge is power and planning helps this class), fighter (simple and straightforward), or paladin (enforcer of rules).

You might have fun taking the Myers-Briggs online and looking at this crowdsourced list of RPG character classes and what people think their types are. I don't put that much credibility in these things for love or career but for something like this it's just perfect.


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So if you want to a class recommendation, I'd go with wizard because of things like "plan everything in advance" and "reads a lot."

Though I'd add that while classes sometimes fall into certain stereotypes, there is nothing that requires certain classes to have certain personalities. You could just as easily play a barbarian who loves to read and plans everything. It wouldn't be the stereotype but it would be a fun character.


Artificer: Any
Bard: Lore, Whispers
Blood Hunter: Any
Cleric: Arcana, Knowledge, Order
Fighter: Battle Master, Eldritch Knight, Gunslinger
Monk: Open Hand
Rogue: Inquisitive, Mastermind
Warlock: Any
Wizard: Any

Using the traits above, I could build a fun PC in any of those choices.


As others have said it could be about any class. But I tend to play a bit against type so a fighter that is really into books, probably books on military strategy. I'd make up some authors and names for maneuvers. After that I'd go with a dwarf and whatever subclass you'll enjoy playing.

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