PF2 and energy damage


Traditionally D&D games make choosing fire over other magical energies (electricity, cold, sonic, etc) a given. Fire spells are generally best, plain and simple. About the only real use for something like acid or thunder is when you're up against a Fire Elemental or something else with resistance/immunity to fire.

So I'd thought I'd ask: what do you think of this? Does it bug you as it bugs me? Will PF2 strive to make all forms of energy damage useful (but hopefully not identical)?


I never made a study of it, so I'm likely full of crap, but I thought fire, cold, and electricity were typically the most defended, acid was commonly used against a number of regenerating monsters, and sonic was the rarest and perhaps the most likely to punch through special defenses.

I didn't detect in the Playtest that PF2 had intended to, or managed to, change that.