D&D 5E Phantom Rogue


I'm starting a phantom rogue for an existing campaign......I really like the flavor of this class...it can be played as a Assassin's creed type of character.....I've chosen to go with a Flavored character that works for a necromancer "master" as his "hand".

I chose the following:
Variant Human, shadow touched feat (invisibility!!! + minor illusion) [because of the haunted one background bleow]
I then for story I chose to use the haunted one background (he disrupted an summoning ritual that was trying and almost succeeding in summoning a nightwalker...with this I added one level of shadow Sorcerer (Greenflame blade, Mage hand, Chill touch, (debating true strike or mending/prestidigitation) 120ft darkvision

We're starting level 5 so Rogue(phantom4/sorcerer(shadow)1
I like gish builds so this will be a striker gish with a few options in and out of combat...yes waiting till 9 for trinkets is a looong wait but I like what I start with anyway.

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