DDAL PHB +1 rule question


My question is PHB +1 rule I understand how it works except one part. My +1 is Xanathars guide to everything. In the book it has the spell Mold Earth. Elemental Evils came out before Xanathar so if I picked Xanathar can I put Mold Earth on my caster or does it have to be Elemental Evils? This for AL.
Like = I have read.

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Orban Sirgen

All of the spells from EE are in Xanathar's... When a spell, archetype, etc is in more than one book, the latest printed is the version to use regardless of your +1 because it's the most up-to-date... Note that PHB +1 only applies to race, archetypes, and spells gained when leveling... Wizards can get spells from any AL-legal book into their spellbook via scrolls or the spellbook of other wizards, and backgrounds are not part of PHB +1 at all...

Orban Sirgen

Be careful with Mold Earth. I think it says you can move loose earth. Some DMs may say that means freshly dug soil or sand. They may rule a dirt road or forest floor is compacted soil and not affected by the spell. I've seen a wizard run into this problem when the DM shot down his clever idea.
Also, it moves the earth too slowly to deal any damage... It's useful for digging a pit or doing minor landscaping, but nothing major...

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