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Someone´s Guide to Something


A strange but apt name for a book that approaches planar philosophy from the point of view of the Factions of Sigil.

Covering Factions from all periods of the Cage's history, the 15 Factions from the Classic period are presented along with original Factions from the Great Upheaval Age, when countless Factions roamed the streets of Sigil, in addition to the current Factions, and several new smaller Factions.

All of them presented in a way that explains their philosophy, with traits for characters from each Faction, as well as portraits and statblocks of their Factols.

The book also presents conjectures about the role of the Factions within the laws of the multiverse, and attempts to fit together the events of the different editions of Planescape in order to provide a sense of continuity for the status of the Factions within the setting.

And, as a bonus, a roundup of the most infamous planar jokes.

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