Planescape Planescape Pre-order Page Shows Off The Books!

Take a look at the books, poster map, and DM screen!

You can now pre-order Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse from D&D Beyond. The set comes out on October 17th.

Scroll down through the comments to see more various peeks at the books!

  • Discover 2 new backgrounds, the Gate Warden & the Planar Philosopher, to build planar characters in the D&D Beyond character builder
  • Channel 7 otherworldly feats, new intriguing magic spells & more powered by planar energies
  • Explore 12 new ascendant factions, each with distinct cosmic ideologies
  • Face over 50 unusual creatures including planar incarnates, hierarch modrons, and time dragons in the Encounter Builder
  • Journey across the Outlands in an adventure for characters levels 3-10 and 17
  • Adds adventure hooks, encounter tables, maps of Sigil and the Outlands & more to your game
This 3 books set comprises:
  • Sigil and the Outlands: a setting book full of planar character options with details on the fantastic City of Doors, descriptions of the Outlands, the gate-towns that lead to the Outer planes, and more
  • Turn of the Fortunes Wheel: an adventure set in Sigil and the Outlands designed for character levels 3-10 with a jump to level 17
  • Morte’s Planar Parade: Follow Morte as he presents over 50 inhabitants of the Outer Plane, including incarnates, hierarch modrons, time dragons, and more with their stats and descriptions


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There is a LOT to fix with Ravenloft. I am mostly annoyed how many classic 2E monsters from that setting they left out. They also really did not go into enough detail with the various Domains of Dread. And the gender changes of Darklords were baffling in a setting that already had multiple female Darklords, many of whom the 5E book simply seem to have forgotten.
I mean, I know why they didn't touch a lot of the previous Darklords and that's that a lot of them were kind of. Bad.

Its best to think of the Dark Powers as directors, who are absolutely willing to reinvent and re-cast the Darklords as necessary for a new audience. Because man, some of the 2e ones were Bad.

Oh I guessed they mean third party stuff, sure. I am the same way with those as I am in my other hobby (Transfomers) in that I only collect officially released stuff. I know it is totally different with D&D because these companies release these books with WotC's approval (while with Transformers, it is all very much illegal copyright infringement) - but from the few of these third party releases I have read (I checked the Darklords book once) I wasn't really impressed. Especially by the art. Kobold Press though, they do have some pretty nice art, but their homebrew monsters are often pretty weird and out there even by D&D standards.
There's a ton of pseudo-canon stuff on DMs Guild done by Keith Baker and Ed Greenwood, like Exploring Eberron and Dread Metrol (If you subscribe to the "Cyre got dragged into Ravenloft" theory), meanwhile Ed's got a whole host of various stuff going into other areas.

Think of it a bit like "There's been rumours for decades Takara designers worked on a certain Third Party Jazz because Porsche wouldn't give over the rights for an MP one" except not rumours and accurate

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Well, there aren't that many archons and guardinals (only 6 - 7 each), so they'll fit in the bestiary with no problem. It would just be annoying to have some of them appear here with no guarantee that there will be a future planar product for the rest to appear.

Unless, like you said, they're going to put some in the 2024 MM (as there was a distinct lack of celestials in the 2014 version), and we're seeing the leftovers (pre-leftovers?) here...

It would example why the Celestials we've seen so far for the Archons and Guardinals are the ones that did not appear in the 3.5e PHB, if some of these Celestial races are being reserved for the 2024 PHB, I mean they really need more Celestials for that book, so maybe Planescape gets the more niche types of these Celestial Races, while PHB24 gets the big time ones, like Leonals, Avorals, Trumpet Archons, Hound Archons, Later Archons, etc...

BB Shockwave

OOOOH I am exalted. :p I love them. Shemeshka and Fell look great! And Morte having a mini was a given. :)
Weird that the rest are not really characters though, more like just random faction members. And I guess then the Musteval is really that mouse Guardinal.
Where did you find this? EDIT: oh I see, Reddit. Weird looks like a photo of a PC screen. Cannot find any ads for this set yet, only knew it from Kor listing it on Minisgallery.
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Getting a hang of this!
OOOOH I am exalted. :p I love them. Shemeshka and Fell look great! And Morte having a mini was a given. :)
Weird that the rest are not really characters though, more like just random faction members. And I guess then the Musteval is really that mouse Guardinal.
Where did you find this?
I linked at the top the post, from the Planescape Torment subreddit! Not sure where that person found it, tho!

That would implicitly confirm that the Transcendent Order is still operating, whether Rhys is formally their Factol again or not.

Brings us up to four Factions we can reasonably assume to be in the new version of Planescape: the Fated and the Fixers (via Golden Vault), the Incantifers (via the Tower Sorcerous on the Sigil Map), and now the Ciphers (i.e. the Transcendent Order).

EDIT: Actually, the Limited Set minis we saw some time back contains a Doomguard Rot Blade, so that presumably adds the Sinkers to the pile and brings the total to five.
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