D&D 5E Play Before the Storm - a Guided D&D Adventure.

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I read along for the first 5-6 pages of story. I was a halfling rogue and got to make a few choices for skills along the way to sneak into a room, pick a lock, grovel to avoid a bearing etc... I did notice the die roller they have always rolled a 14 when it rolled to the left and a 13 when it rolled to the right.


Someone just sent this to me. Is this new? Hadn't seen it before. Very cool.
Was this written by ChatGPT? What orc?


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This is one of the things I was hoping they'd do with D&D Beyond: Give us self-guided Fighting Fantasy-style adventure modules with the website handling all the DM chores.

Not as expansive as a full human-run D&D experience, but a solo experience they can monetize. I would definitely pay for fully-fledged adventure experiences like this, especially ones where I could bring in my own characters. And it's the kind of experience that can get better over time, especially once the VTT comes online.

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