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Played Keep on the Shadowfell


WotC's bitch
Meeting Irontooth: 10 XP
Fighting Irontooth: 200 XP
Rolling a natural 20 on Irontooth with a [3w] daily power: priceless

Now, Irontooth lived through it and knocked both me (warlord) and the paladin out cold 3 rounds later, but we took him down in the end. I'm still basking in the afterglow.

Next weekend is gonna be a bitch.

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First Post
Today I started running Keep on the Shadowfell for a group of new players who have never played D&D before. It was a blast. They haven't met Irontooth yet. They fought the marauders and then had a blast facing Agrid. They loved to hate Agrid. He kept fading away. The last time he faded they decided to try to kill him before he could move, targetting the square they knew he was in. The archer ranger was so happy when he hit rolling a 19 with his encounter power on the invisilble foe. Not quite a critical, but he finished off Agrid before he could escape to torment them further. I had fun running Agrid. I think he will have to come back as an undead gnome who keeps his fade away ability later in the adventure.