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Hi, I am starting a game of WotBS soon. One player is interested in making a sorcerer character that gets its powers from an aberration. His current description was a spy-type character, which gathers secrets and memories, and trades it with its 'master'. The player said that the character might have as a goal to undermine the inquisitors and the nobility to get an empire for its patron, which keeps 'his people' (for example the people in his village or his family or something like that) save from others. The character can be (slightly) evil. I would like to make this master a trillith instead of an aberration. What Trillith do you all think would fit best for this? Maybe Deception? Would it be possible to make it one of the Trilliths from the story itself, or do you think it is better to make is a separate trillith, which is not mentioned in the adventure path? I think the first option would be the coolest, since that would really integrate the character into the story, although it might pose some difficulties if the trillith attacks the party according to the adventure.
Unfortunately I haven't read all of the adventures yet (though I am busy with that), so I don't have a good overview of all of the available trilliths, and what their goals are.

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I would personally not use one of the main trillith as I think that will get too complicated too early (assuming you want to play the full thing). Running into Deception or Indomitability so early I think would make things tough to allow the character to grow. I would make one of your own or grab one of the late game ones if you really wanted to make it one that's pre-written. It is always easier to add to the story in my opinion that to alter existing items too far. If you get later on and you'd rather that your character's patron did something (especially in adventure 10), then just replace.

I know there are others who have done similar things with their PCs who probably have more directly applicable advice here, but there are so few Trillith mentioned that are not direct opponents that I would feel more comfortable writing my own unless your plan was to potentially kill off their 'patron'. At the least you'd have to be very prepared for that to happen.

I think writing something akin to 'Sanctuary' or 'Refuge' and have them be within the character similar to Crystin or Kathor, protecting the village through another previously perhaps and now through the PC.


Have you looked at the trillith sorcerer subclass in the player's guide? The intent there is for it to be a minor trillith that has bonded to the PC, much like how Justice and Foresight have bonded to NPCs before the PCs meet the NPCs.

If the player is wanting to play an aberrant mind sorcerer, then maybe making up a trillith that is focused on communication would work. This would fit in thematically with many of the powers in the aberrant mind sorcerer as well as the concept of communicating through a spy network.

Andrew Moreton

I am in the early prep stage for WoTBS one of my players will be playing a reincarnated druid , my intention is that they will have been present in Coaltongues early days as they want to be an old character. They will be tied to a minor Trillith which is responsible for their reincarnation, it it will definetly be a new and minor Trillith. Probably called Endurance, Determination or something similar

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