Podcast #178: Peter Speedruns the Podcast

This week, Morrus is unavailable due to renovations on his house being eaten by a dragon, so Peter has attempted a speedrun of the podcast. In the news, nominations are open for 2021 Favorite RPG Podcasts, more previews of Strixhaven, Legend of the Five Rings new releases, and more!


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Nominate your favorite RPG podcasts (including this one hint hint) Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2021

News Digest for the Week of November 26 (New releases for Legend of the Five Rings, pre-orders for the D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set open) News Digest for the Week of November 26

More previews of Strixhaven D&D 5E - Strixhaven's Monsters: Groffs, Mage Hunters, & Oriq Recruiters

Mongoose Publishing celebrates 20 years with updates for Traveller, a new edition of Paranoia, and a new cyberpunk Viking game Shield Maidens State of the Mongoose 2021

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons review compilation from Beth Rimmels Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

EN5ider #425: Over the Next Hill: Street of Dreams D&D 5E - EN5ider #425 - Over the Next Hill: Street of Dreams

Level Up: Advanced 5e late pledges are open Level Up (A5E) - Missed the Kickstarter? You Can Now Pre-Order LEVEL UP!

Kickstarters RPG Crowdfunding News – Rewards & Rarities, Traveller, Reach of the Roach God, and more


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Host: Peter Coffey

Post-production and editing: Darryl Mott

Theme Song: Steve Arnott

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

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