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I need to work on variating my coloring. I tend to go for stone gray for most things for a generic look, but I like the variations on this amazing thing! I am currently working on modular stackable stair pieces - but my big 2022 project is kind of the inverse of this ziggurat, it is an immense underwater arena.
Thanks. I look forward to seeing your project!

My son Keegan was worried I had ruined the ziggurat when he saw me applying colors to some of the tiles. They were pretty bright when I painted them. Then I applied a couple of washes and a couple of dry brushes and he saw the results were decent. He said, "I should have known you knew what you were doing Dad." :p He was a big help in cutting the pieces and 'engraving' the brick work.

This was a rush job and a dilettente effort because I needed it mostly done by Sunday for my D&D campaign. My players were impressed, but one did bring me back to reality when he said, "Where are you going to store this thing?" :unsure:

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Here is some of my youngest son, Keegan's work. He really enjoys traditional sculpting over wire armatures. His painting is very solid too.

First up is a Half-Gold Dragon fighter named Alduin. This is Keegan's current character in my ongoing Sunday campaign.


Next up is his epic character Gorgos. This sculpt is the latest to represent this long time character, Gorgos. Gorgos was in an epic adventure I ran over the holiday break and is an important part of the campaign world.


Keegan and I have been playing in an Adventure League campaign at the local hobby store. I switch off DMing duties with a friend of mine. This is Keegan's character in that campaign a sorcerer named Vohsh - a custom lineage PC called Beholderkin. He is accompanied by a spectator Vohsh frequently summons. Keegan sculpted and painted both figures.

Finally, I come to his latest. When Keegan knew his oldest brother was going to come home for break from college and was going to play a couple of sessions in our Sunday D&D campaign he immediately wanted to know what Dave wanted to play. Dave told him to just sculpt something and Keegan sculpted the tortle pictured below. I should have gotten a close-up of the face, because it is really well done.



Funny to think that when I started to post pictures of my minis and terrain on ENWorld Keegan was not even born. Now, he is 16 and cranking out some awesome stuff. Time is flying by my friends!


Funny to think that when I started to post pictures of my minis and terrain on ENWorld Keegan was not even born. Now, he is 16 and cranking out some awesome stuff. Time is flying by my friends!
Wow, those are some great looking sculpts. I have a hard enough time sculpting little addons like belts or intestines for minis that are supposed to have been eviscerated.


First up is the 1970s groovy van wizard:

Wait, why do you call him... ohhh

Next is some work by my son, Steve. The first is his girlfriend's character, an archer and her pet:


BTW, he painted the little Ral Partha bobcat in about 90 minutes while we were gaming last week.

Next is his character a Tiefling Wizard:

Finally, a group of 20 Kings of War orcs that I just finished. A friend gave these to me, because I needed these for a con game that I was going to run in 2019.


That's all for this time.

Keep building and painting!



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