D&D General Poll: I’ve played or run a campaign in the following settings?

I’ve played or run a campaign in

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Li Shenron

I've played and run in many Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Planescape and Rokugan campaigns, and of course also plenty of homebrew.

I've also played in the campaign setting of the 3ed Freeport adventures, although at the moment I don't remember if it had a name or was just Freeport.

I should also mention Al-Qadim even though technically it can be considered part of Forgotten Realms, but IMXP it is usually played on its own.

I have played 4e but for such a short time before quitting that I wouldn't qualify it as a "campaign".

I regret to have never played Dark Sun, Ravenloft and Dragonlance yet, but maybe one day...


A suffusion of yellow
By campaign do you also mean individual adventures?
and does I’ve ripped off stuff to drop in my homebrew count for the settings?


Over the years I've used most of the D&D settings. The only ones I expect to revisit are Eberron and FR, though (and the latter just as a default setting).

And homebrew, of course. So many homebrew settings, most of which were the same with a very thin skin on them.


Ever. Sure I played Sark Sun and Planescape once and Dragonlance a couple of times, but generally played 1e/3e homebrew, 2e/5e FR and 4e Netir Vale.


Magic Wordsmith
Nine out of that list for me so far.

I sure do have a hankering for some 5e Dark Sun though. I've run a couple of one-shots in D&D 4e in that setting recently.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Can I select Homebrew many times since I've played/run campaigns in more different homebrew settings then official ones? And I have done a good number of official ones.

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