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WOIN Populate Your [WOIN] Galaxy With The Galactic Sentience Catalog!

Now available in PDF with the softcover coming soon is the Galactic Sentience Catalog, a sourcebook containing over 50 alien races for your sci-fi WOIN campaigns!



This manual contains over fifty alien races for your science-fiction WOIN games! From expanded Androids and Human variants, to crystalline, avian, insectoid, reptilian, and even plant-based species, inside you will find a wealth of choices for your next player character!

Meet creatures like:

  • Acorax, winged humanoid bird-men
  • Argons, tall furry humanoids
  • Bragi, octopus-like astrogators
  • Kithik, mantis-like warriors
  • Solurials, large tree-like plant people
  • Torbanites, aliens with skin made of marble
  • Zetans, a race which moves at incredible speed
  • and so many more.
Also included is the Racebuilding Engine, so that you can easily build your own custom alien race ready for play!

Requires the use of a What's OLD is NEW core rulebook.

Russ Morrissey


Von Ether

Looks cool, but I need more coffee.

I kept reading this as the "Galactic Sentence Catalog." And yet my caffeine deprived brain was able to bumble into the logic that maybe this was some sort of "Make your own space sector, mad libs style."

Which is something I would also be interested in.


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