D&D General Populating a dungeon


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1 Why does this dungeon exist? - is it an ancient crypt, a ruined tower? A coastal city? A dense forest?
2 What lurks here? - Who/What is the Big Boss Monster, why would other creatures be there too? Is there a natural ‘ecology’ or ‘social structure?’, do the inhabitants use traps? What are they protecting? How doi they get around the traps?
3. What is the theme? - is it haunted? Is it overrun by dirty goblins? Is it occupied by cultist?
4 What are the story elements I’m trying to convey with this dungeon?
5. Use the Five Room Layout
A - Gateway Guardian
B - RP Skill Challenge
C - Setback Trick/Trap
D - Climactic Conflict
E - Reward and Plot Twist

After that I then start my descriptions and placement of creatures and set peices

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