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Dunno if this is old news (obviously the movie is) and it's pretty vague but I found it interesting
We'll also be working on a live action film. The team is busy working on DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS live action feature film. They're also working on a couple of different approaches, because there is so much mythology in Canon to DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS for live action television. And there's been very strong interest. We've talked about how many global streamers and other terrestrial broadcasters have been very interested in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.

D&D up another 20%, never seems to slow down but maybe soon?
DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS continued to benefit from a strong release schedule and the quest for at home entertainment. Revenues for the brand were up more than 20% in the quarter and year to date. D&D digital is also ramping. Baldur’s Gate III has released into Early Access on Steam to a strong reception and will be more broadly available next year.
Also, in 2021, Dark Alliance from our own Tuque Games is planned for release. D&D and MAGIC: THE GATHERING were among the brands on virtual display at our first ever Pulse Con. Pulse Con delivered to fans one-of-a-kind access to their favorite franchises, as well as interactive experiences with creative talent. It generated close to a billion social and media impressions.

Mildly surprising to me that Goldner said he was playing BG3;
DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, right now you can play in Early Access on Steam, I was actually playing it, it's quite a great game called Baldur's Gate 3. For those fans, it's off to a very strong start. That's available now in Early Access, and it will launch fully in 2021.

We then have Dark Alliance from two games that comes in 2021, as well, and the team is making great progress there. We've seen some of the early work and that's very exciting as well. And then there's a raft of games that talks about the R&D work that's going on.

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A CGI cartoon will be easier to be produced than action-live, even when the crowd is ready for medieval fantasy thanks to "Game of Thrones" or "the Witcher". As setting "Birthright" is a good option, but this needs a good work by the scriptwriters. Ravenloft is the easiest option for an action-live adaptation, and I guess Hasbro will ask some "retcon" of the lore to allow dark powers to cause troubles in a XX-XXI century technology world to can produce the Entertainment-One version of Lovecraft Country, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, American Horror Story, the Haunting of Bly Manor, Scary stories to read in the dark, Crimson Peak, Ready or not, or Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows". If the work is right, it may become a smash as Stranger Things.

A D&D cartoon for preteen children is possible, but it would need a lot of no-lethal spells (grease, hold person, web..). My fear is female halflings and gnomes with lolita clothing may be too popular, but by the wrong reasons.

Dragonlance should be a CGI teleserie, but they have to discover how to push the right sequence of buttons. I would bet there are plans for a Dragonlance videogame, with more freedom and option to alter the canon by the players, but you can play the original story if you want.


They already tried a DragonLance with some CGI.

They tried to combine CGI within regular animated film.

IMPO, I would rather, if they can't get a budget and director as passionate about the IP as was done with LotR (The Chronicles deserve a big screen adaption), it would be great.

But with today's overly sensitivities, I do not thing any DragonLance product they create will do justice to the source material.

Bad thing with that horrible trainwreck of a movie was it seemed to have no budget. It looked like those bad animated ripoffs of Disney movies that are "direct to vhs/dvd" you see for $3 at the local dollar store. The CGI and trad animation wasn't combined well at all, even for something that came out in 2008.

As for the OP, I am hesitant on a live action D&D movie. Either they go with something original (like the older movies people have ripped at) and have the same results because people would feel it's just a generic fantasy movie with the D&D name slapped on. Or, you go with Forgotten Realms (because that's all WotC cares about when it comes to D&D outside of the TTRPG) and get fanboys raging at it for not getting the canon right.

Personally, I think DragonLance would be the best to adapt into Live Action movies, but with all the kerfuffle going on with them and Weis+Hickman, I doubt that will happen. Focus on a Drizzt movie and you'd get backlash from multiple sources.

Whatever budget they had went towards the voice actors, because, yeesh, both the CGI and traditional animation look cheap. I can't even watch the thing without getting a headache.

Bad thing with that horrible trainwreck of a movie was it seemed to have no budget. It looked like those bad animated ripoffs of Disney movies that are "direct to vhs/dvd" you see for $3 at the local dollar store. The CGI and trad animation wasn't combined well at all, even for something that came out in 2008.

Dungeons & Dragons as a brand continues to grow. It's pretty amazing to think where the brand has come from, how much things have changed in just a decade.

The talk over the movie has been stretching on and on for years now, though the news never seems to quite lock down into a proper start of filming. I'd love to see Dragonlance adapted into a series, but to start with I think they need something more self-contained. Like the MCU, they need to start with just one good movie to kick things off, one that isn't dependent on sequels, but still hints at a broader world. And it needs to be firmly set in a D&D world. It shouldn't feel like someone's homebrew campaign with terrible house rules. It can't have...checks notes...beholders as guard dogs.

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