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Gamers Wanted! Possible future Stream

I've hosted flgs open games for well over 20yrs. Ran 10 campaigns, 3 homegames, and special events ongoing for that duration. Just finally wrapped up the last ongoing game and finally down to 1 homegame. Looking to try out a few groups for a possible ongoing stream. You can message me on twitter [MENTION=6919979]CONTINGENCY_sys[/MENTION] or on here. I'm new here so be gentle.
I'm looking for players with an open mind to play one of the most advanced and streamlined gamesystem that has been hidden away from the masses not attending any con I've been at or my flgs 20yr run/homegames. The widest selection of options.
Contingency Mechanics System is a legacy system of all inclusive capability to run d20 based game systems and the newest 5e core context edition all at the same table. Be warned the worlds are extremely emmersive.
I will post a table etticut and expectations doc as soon as I figure out how to do so on this site. One can be found within my tweets on twitter. In edition to being a piggy back system to increase the longevity of core d20 worlds/systems, Contingency is also a teach and train tool to help New players and DMs learn the ins and outs rapidly to run/host/create/maximize/learn all the variables and variations of ttrpg. The DMtoolbox and DMtoolkits are for not only new DMs/GMs but older veterans looking to expand their knowledge and speed up preperation and in game response times.
The third purpose of Contingency is as a standalone game system. Able to replace d20 core context completely while still being able to draw material from all available d20 core context products. The widest selection with minimal learned tools to build worlds in moments, campaigns in minutes, and lasting memories of gameplay. A selfempowerment boost. I have trained 10 DMs/GMs with this system who still are running games 10yrs later. A kickstarter is in the preperation process for a release in upcoming years. You can also see a peek of the system at work with a diverse table and medically challenged roster of gamers of varying levels of character and experience on my youtube channel @ https://youtu.be/jELvNVkHOJE
Look for daily me on twitter and for future DMtoolbox / DMtoolkit youtube streams in the very near future. I look forward to a productive experience within this virtual space. Roll well my friends.